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Dangerous ratings




Automated debt rubbish.


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 7098710xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with silent calls/testing robocalls, PPI - insurance marketing calls and energy companies of


same as above - just ignore it

Positive ratings


Positive number


antechs business support ltd st. ives


Dean curle


leo bellis-jones leyton london

Annoying ratings


03335565512-Usual ignorant and rude cold call scammer but the threatening tone could be a worry for the vulnerable which is no doubt how they hope to achieve a result, still their parents will be proud.


Компания Форекс


They phone up and no one answers.


software sales

Neutral ratings


Silent phone call - asked four ties who was on the line but no reply - no background noise.


Leaflet put through door offering to buy precious metals, jewellery and medals. This phone number printed on header with name P Fuller & Son established over 40 years.


Lewis Cornish - said it was about my Bosch washing machine - how did they know? Offered my insurance for £58 for a year for 3 years or £7 per month direct debit. My husband was suspicious - I possibly would have gone for it.


I called this number and ended up being charged £13.86 for the call. I think the call was just over 20 minutes long but I only actually spoke to an advisor for less than 3 minutes. The rest of the time I was on hold waiting to be connected to the next available advisor!! There was no prior warning that the number I was calling was a premium rate number. I also called an alternative HMRC number starting 08706 and again no warning of any call charges and that call cost over £13.00 aswell. On both occasions I

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