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voice recording debt


Negative in community




Just received the same text as many below, ending in 2177. It came through on the same text message thread as an official message off WhatsApp but it seems to be a scam, trying to get you to call a premium number!

Positive ratings


racal telecom


Private number


finchdata ltd basingstoke

Annoying ratings


they called me today 4 times first time i answered and some Arabian guy started to talk say all kind of stuff at first he said my address and phone number then started to talk some kind of non sense that they goint to call me later and i will be recorded w


58 rang and hung up when I answered. It is high time Ofcom stopped all cold calling and fined them on the spot.


I refused to answer questions on office move and ended they call, they called again numerous time. Block


called to update my insurance policy press 5 to ring back press 9 to cancel. just hung up its a scam

Neutral ratings


Called twice in 10 mins . Missed the call and couldn't phone back .


Call Centre wanting to speak to phone account holder - I hung up


Yep, same as all comments below; knew my name and wanted to discussed a RTA (which I have never had).


Do not pick up the phone life is to short to be bothered with these phone calls.

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