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Phone number: 09655635886

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Average rating (1-10) 0
Number of comments 0
First date of search 2019-08-29 09:42:09
Last search 2020-04-06 15:47:17
Number of searches 70
Number of reviews 0
Country Kuwait
Country code +965 (00965)
City Salmiyah
Directional local 563 (0563)
Code 965563 (00965563)
Longitude | Latitude 29.3339000 | 48.0761000
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Dangerous ratings


I was called on 06/01/18 at 15:37. The called left no message. No one who knows me would do this. When you look up the origin of the number it is listed as Sanand, Gujarat, India. This is obviously a call to attempt to scam the recipient.


+223 69 44 04 30 Number came up today from ‘Mali’ I rejected and blocked straight away. Third time in 2 days now all 3 have been different numbers, but all from Mali. I’ve blocked all of them so far. Do not answer!


They have rung us numerous times during the past week but complete silence when we answer. One beep sound. Anyone know what this is about?

Positive ratings


Number is validFirst Direct fraud prevention serviceI do use First Direct and had a couple of incorrect pin entries, hence the alert was triggered




websmith ltd london london


Private number

Annoying ratings


UK opinion apparently. Survey asking for information.


Called me just now (11/08 @ 14:35).Similar to previous, Asian man said he was from BT and said I had a problem with my PC. Said it was windows and wanted access to sort a problem.I am not with BT and when I asked for a number to call him he became uncomfor


Claimed to be from BT tech department saying my internet has been compromised. Clearly a scam. A computer voice HAve had at least one call a day for the last few weeks All different numbers which I have blocked.


I was called twice today from this number. I spoke and silence came back, both times. Perhaps they do not answer if it is a man, or is it that if you call them back they make money simply from you responding. Anyway we do not pick up until they leave a mes

Neutral ratings


Garden Organic, I had a membership with them which I let lapse and they kept calling to try and resell a membership. Don't get me wrong the company are fine and if I had th...


Does anyone know who this no is +061 394316156


Detective Agencies Grosvenor Investigation Services Ltd. Romford


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