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Phone number: 09131240420

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and I was charged a lot of money for this call


20 This man first calls from an unknown number he tells you that you have been accepted for a loan and that you need to ring the above number which is the processing department calls charged at 2.50 a minute.To catch him out I did ring all he said was hell


This Company should be brought to justice for ripping off innocent people, why in this day and age can they still be allowed to get away with it. I was offered a loan and £ worth of calls later nothing. This is where the telephone companies should step in

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13Keeps ringing now blocked


just received text from this number..immediately contacted 3 to complain and demand a refund as its 3 that will be charging me, not the scammers..think telling them this was key, as this happened before a few months previous and 3 refused to refund the charge, but this time they agreed without argument, they also then went on to refund me the previous incident as well, fair play. i have now set up a zero credit limit, outside of my monthly plan, which will help to stop this happening again, all that means i


eeeeekkk! sick to death with their calls!


automated message

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Private number


Private number


leisure and recreation centres southampton water activities centre (the) southampton hampshire


NHS Theale

Annoying ratings


We headed you were in an accident


Why on earth is someone ringing me from Tunisia?! Blocked!!


Sports ticket finance company


Unknown, I didn't pick up.

Neutral ratings


This number called me today and I picked it up but did not speak because it sounded like a call center. When I tried calling the number back there was a message saying the number was not recognised.


insurance agents and companies britannic assurance co maidstone


Had a call from this number & it went silent upon answering.


Medicines and Therapies Health & Harmony Ilford

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