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and I was charged a lot of money for this call


20 This man first calls from an unknown number he tells you that you have been accepted for a loan and that you need to ring the above number which is the processing department calls charged at 2.50 a minute.To catch him out I did ring all he said was hell


This Company should be brought to justice for ripping off innocent people, why in this day and age can they still be allowed to get away with it. I was offered a loan and £ worth of calls later nothing. This is where the telephone companies should step in

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Annoying ratings : 97608
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Dangerous ratings


Scammers!!! do NOT co-operate with them !!


Did not pick up


blokuj ten numer telefonu


I recived a letter today about inheritance of a late Mr Dan Young who lived and died in Canada intestate by a Mr John Stewart asking me to claim I,m his relative and would recieve half of his estate $12.7Million yeah right Scam supposed to contact him [email protected]

Positive ratings


lamb f t doctors general practitioners coventry cv5 6qa


tools platarg engineering ltd (London)


the master tailors guild ltd harrogate


unisex hairdressers jasper's hair design - Cardiff

Annoying ratings


when I said hello, nobody answered and then the line went dead but somewhere from abroad and nobody I know so obviously a scam call.


I get about 5-10 calls a day - blocked the number and they have now started leaving me blank voicemails!!! extremely annoying!


Call centre, silence then an answer, I think its a computer that calls then gives it to an operator when you answer. I just hand up and the block them.


Claimed to be TalkTalk Refused call and checked with TalkTalk who confirmed it was not a number that they use.Called twice within two minutes!

Neutral ratings


wedding services something old something new


This number called today, said they were Castle Croft Hampton, looking to discuss recent pension changes and how investment companies were increasing their management charges. Was offered a free, by post, pension review. I don't believe all of this so I closed the call. Identified caller number via 1471 and found their website ( which looks genuine. I have some pension knowledge and not aware of the basis of their concerns. Ultimately I guess any pension review they do for you will


Same as everyone else. Rang and hung up


tyre dealers charlie browns autocentres ltd. Oldham lancashire

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