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Phone number: 088227

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Average rating (1-10) 2
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First date of search 2018-07-05 18:29:08
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88227.... how do I block it... Ive been in touch with my provider...they've told me to google it.. I have, but can't find any information on blocking it..


I have been charged £18 for the last month!


Its a scam competition. You normally (as in my case) get a "enter this competition and win £500 " on the bottom of a Tesco or M&S receipt. The problem is they then bill you every month with a £4,50 charge.


scammers take £3.75 a week without you knowing


i think my problem started when clicking an interest in a £50 lidl voucher to be text to the mobile phone. i did not open any of the links so did not worry only to find i was also paying £4.50 a week...


Just found out this number has charged me £18 this month. How do I stop it!


This number keeps texting me and I get charged every time. how do i block this number


Have been charging £4-50 every week, gutted I only just noticed ! No idea how it started.


Absolutely fuming while they are spending our hard earned cash makes me sick

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