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A Complete Scam - £3.75 per week!!! Going to try and do the STOP message and hopefully bring an end to this total RIP OFF


Its a scam. Texted STOP to a marketing text and was charged every week


This cost me over £250+VAT


I decided to check my O2 account to find I have been paying £20 more a month for the past three months. I phoned O2 to find out why and they said I had signed up to hot prizes but gave me this number 01567380029 to opt out. I phoned and voiced my opinion concerning this scam as I have signed up to nothing, and now I have been taken off their data base ( or so they say). I have also started a complaints procedure to hopefully get my money back. I think the phone companies should try and do more to prevent th


My partner has an ongoing battle with Safari Mobile. When she complained, they produced some detailed-looking reports, but refused to divulge the actual sign-up URL. After several e-mails, they eventually coughed up ¬£50.00 as a 'good will' gesture, but the total owing was over ¬£250.00. My partner was adamant she never signed up for the service and today she finally got hold of the bill for July 2016 which proves this beyond doubt. They are conning scum and when they claim their ‚Äėrobustly verifiable‚Äô sign-up


This stupid hotprizes 85011 has been charging me £18 per month for past many months without my consent. Months ago when i wanted to log in to my amazon acount and searched amazon the google brought amazon site exactly same logo and everything and not realising it was a trap, it wont let me go further to amazon genuine site(it proves google is also invloved with these fraudsters) so i thought it was genuine. I closed and tried again several times and ended up what it was asking me to do to answer few very si


Don't text STOP to this number it DOESN'T work...... Ring your phone provider & get them to block ALL premium numbers..checking back we have been scammed for £45 ????


5 times have been called by 85011 and been charged £3.75 each time


This is a premium text call service but cannot be regulated through phonepayplus regulators due to the way it is registered. They charge you for calls and recieving texts. DO NOT reply stop to the texts it only charges you more and then sends from another number. The only way to stop is to call them on their registered landline number 01507380029 and follow the options to cancel and then unsubscribe.


Typing STOP does not work. It only confirms you exist I think. £18 has been charged even after STOP.


Bout £70 they've had off me.Robbing Barstards...!!!!!!


Driving me insane as did not sign up for this yet can't seem to stop them. Vodafone can't block them and won't cover the charges - absolute scandal.


Similar to above, On Facebook where a non descriptive article looked of interest and clicked in to it where I was pushed out to Tesco Prize Draw. It looks pretty genuine and having given them my number at the end of the draw, I was then pushed out to Hot Prizes and pretty apparent this was not a Tesco Promotion. I then received texts from them to say I had entered Hot Prizes where you subscribe at £4.50 per week!! They give you a STOP Text Number of 85011 which does not get through. Apparently some are sayi


This number does nothing


What would suggest if issues with number if stop text doesn't work speak to your provider to change mobile number ( renumber) once done you will no longer get charges as you will have a whole new mobile number as prem charges attach to number not person (if you move to sevice providers to avoid this it will not help as it will follow you no matter where you go that's how prem charges work guy


As promised, I will keep this thread updated. The company sent across "Evidence" which is fabricated. 1) They have claimed that they send a PIN to the phone number which was then entered online to register for the service. Their message log states 6 messages were sent that day. Vodafone have stated my mother only received a single text that day (from anybody), which we have located in her phone and it was not the PIN they have stated it was! 2) Lots of the messages in the message log were never received. 3)


Unbelievable. .just realised this was happening to me.. I do not have any recollection or phone history showing any involvement with them but they have been charging me £15 a month for 4 months before I realised something was afoot ! Texted stop and phoned them 01567 380029 to stop the payments and I have raised a investigation with them.. Also O2 have given me the details for phonepayPlus to raise a complaint : 0300 30 300 20, who appear to be some kind of Ombudsmam.... Also will write to Watchdog (BBC TV)


Premium rate number with an automatic ID of HotPrizes has been sending my mother text messages since July 2016, to date totalling over £300.00. (each weekly text at £4.50 each regarding prize draws) Each text starts with "FreeMsg" so they are deliberately misleading consumers. I have taken the matter to the Ombudsman, PSA, citizens advice, e-crime department of the trade standards, Vodafone and the scammers who operate as Safari Mobile (UK) Ltd. Their accounts show a turnover of over £7 million so God knows


To stop this 85011 you need to call this number 01567 380029 and choose option 1 and completely unsubscribe yourself. Also email to [email protected] and complain about it, tell them you are going to report it to mobile pay plus and to trading standards.

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Might be Santander !


WH smiths advert for wedding sales on tv screen in post office in WHSmith store Swindon. Advert for over £100 on £20 monthly instalments. I said no thanks you. Then proceeded to ask what I could afford, I still said no. And ended the call.


Vodafone. constant. irritating.


bank refund


Although they are blocked through this app they are still trying to call , so far 5 times in 10 minutes


Knew my name. Stopped him straight away saying don't accept cold callers and hung up on him.


Has called twice today so far. Didn't answer and no message was left. Good to know its a scam caller. Avoid. Do not answer. Do not engage with them.


they called my son's phone and left it connected for 1 hour 2 sec. Shame on them!


Get fed up with this type of call

Positive ratings


curved vision theatre newcastle upon tyne recreational, cultural and sporting activities


Private number


brooks peacock tunbridge wells real estate agencies


record tape and cd kavern records - Rhyl


HSBC stolen case team to report your card when its lost/stolen


The real deal.


Co-op bank legitimate number


marit consultancy orpington n a


Positive number

Annoying ratings


I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?


I have had a call from this number, no message left, can only assume it is a scam call.I have been signed up with TPS for a long time yet still these calls come through around a day!


Just ignore!


I must have dozens lately all different numbers, you block one then they use another number.


PPI Claims Company


How dare you! You've just been blocked so bad


Asian bloke ringing my place of employment. Being rude what a Toby!!!!!!


This outfit have been hard selling products to my elderly grandmother for the past 6 months and by the looks of things they have been selling her details on to very similar unscrupulous companies. She has had a direct debit set up for cover that she has no idea what it is for, but because the sales people were slick and pretended they had spoken to her before she stupidly trusted them and now she has lost hundreds of pounds. Hang up the phone to these people!!! This is a scam!!!


Automated call about an accident claim. Set up as if you are talking to a real person.

Neutral ratings


financial consultants roseville financial services preston lancashire


Don't know - didn't recognise number so didn't answer.


44 + 229627714, this is the number that harasses me with publishing my things,


corporate and business hospitality weekend travel ltd exeter


Called me . I picked up . They didn't respond after 11 seconds I put the phone down.




silent caller


dentists j williams sheffield

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