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Phone number: 08444125101

Statistics for number 8444125101 (08444125101)


Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 7
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-07-09 15:13:20
Last search 2019-12-05 18:12:43
Number of searches 62
Number of reviews 1
Country Viet Nam
Country code +84 (0084)
City Hanoi
Directional local 4 (04)
Code 844 (00844)
Longitude | Latitude 21.0333000 | 105.8500000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Number of views : 4235301
Hits today : 13414
Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


Apparently any number starting with 0370 is a call that ends up charging you so DO NO ANSWER!


debt write off


Received a letter claiming to be from Bank of Scotland, asking "Please call us to update your details" Letter looked very authentic, with correct logo, etc. It correctly quoted the last 4 digits of two bank accounts we have with Bank of Scotland. I rang the Bank of Scotland with a number I know to be correct - They ran some checks with references on the letter, and they also rang the number. They concluded it was a phishing scam, and advised me to destroy the letter. Conclusion: Be very careful contacting y

Positive ratings


I like it


healthcare delivery of medication


erwin grozdev london london


newsagents - retail allsorts - Cardiff

Annoying ratings


flooring company following up samples order


f**k charge 55 p on my phone bill for this number


Called saying his name was sean and was from the National Call Blocking service and understood we were getting unwanted calls!


Line for shared costs, there are more similar numbers reported (just last 2 or 3 digits alternated) - so I assume this should be the same call centre. This seems to be some good working money trap, similar numbers are reported as robocalls, fake wins, scam offers (in most cases some financial offers). For sure some general call centre. I recommend to block the whole 8436563xxx range... People did someone answer this number?

Neutral ratings


banks hsbc bank plc liverpool merseyside


chalk slate and stone baird & stevenson ltd


Indian - put phone down N.Ireland call code.


TV, Video and Radio Tower Radio Ltd. Benfleet

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