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Phone number: 08179189781

Statistics for number 8179189781 (08179189781)


Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2019-08-31 02:02:25
Last search 2019-12-06 21:40:07
Number of searches 32
Number of reviews 1
Country Japan
Country code +81 (0081)
City Ibo District- Hyogo
Directional local 791 (0791)
Code 81791 (0081791)
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Number of views : 4260841
Hits today : 19691
Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


A woman called and said she was from Talktalk. She said there had been fraudulent use of my internet account and when I said I was not will talktalk anymore she just hung up. This is obviously a dangerous scam.


I emailed [email protected] demanding a refund and this was the response: Thank you for your email. The charge was for a competition entry. We can confirm your entry has been removed and you have been blocked from the service, we will process a refund within the next 7 working days you will receive a free SMS from the Post Office to your mobile, within the message there will be a 19 digit barcode, take this to your local Post Office to redeem your £10 refund which includes VAT. Regards Customer Support


Very pushie to do a survey


They pretended that they were Microsoft and I had been hacked on my PC. I challenged them with, "How do you know? There are no symptoms on my PC. Why don't you email me? How do I know you are Microsoft? You don't even know my operating system!" They realized I was not going to be fooled and cut the call with no end greeting. Microsoft, not! Fake...

Positive ratings


pubs bars and inns angel inn - Caerphilly





Annoying ratings


It's a con,block


CALLED 8 TIMES IN LAST 24 HOURS unfortunately cant block it on my old phone


Rang at 7:14 am. Still asleep!


Yep just call 15:29 knew my name and number . As soon as I heard him say my name I did not say anything, hung up and blocked the number.

Neutral ratings


agressive bitcoin sales person


engineering services ford systems ltd. Bolton lancashire


Definitely a call from a scammer. These calls use spoofed numbers, originate outside the UK and are untraceable. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION to a caller. NEVER RETURN A CALL ...


Missed call from this number, upon returning the call received invalid number message.

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