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Bastards took £30 out of my account. Thankfully I noticed within a couple of days got straight on the phone to BARCLAYS they stopped my account and are now sending a new Card out. Hopefully I will get the money back, BARCLAYS seemed confident I would but I don't see how they got hold of my Debit Card details.... Proper Dirty Filthy Bastards!!


£10 removed from my bank account, The number on my statement lead me here.


£10 removed from my account!


Exactly the same experience, I have found an unauthorised transaction for £10 on my credit card account from this company using the same phone number. I know nothing at all about it, contacting the bank now. Thank you!


unauthorised payment from them on my account too


£50 taken here. From a new card that arrived that was contactless , shows how secure that is , As soon as I realised it was a contactless card I went up the bank and ordered a new chip and pin card so within a week of using the contactless card I was skimmed


Same here! £10 taken from my account. Bank statement says EE top up vesta 08081686076 IE, never used ee!!! My bank (Lloyds) gave me the money back and they will contact the police!


Reported by a member of a local community 'Streetlife' website. Patricia M about 23 hours ago in Stamford 1 Watch out for money being taken from your account by Everything Everywhere relating to tel number 08081686076 - it's a scam! Evidently it's a software programme that just takes small amounts but which add up if you don't notice them. Fortunately I spotted it right away and got onto my bank (Lloyds) who acted immediately and reversed the charge, cancelled my bank card and reissued a new one. They told


I've not had a call off this number but I've had money taken from my account by them! I've had transactions come out under the name " EE


Several £10.00 charges from this plus unauthorised payments to Nowtv. Halifax say probably stems from leaving payment details with Amazon.


I had the same £10 taken from this number, in bank statement it says EE, I don't have EE account, nor does my family, it is fraud in large scale.


It's EE.


On-line scam. They gain your details and then use them for ee top-up. Contact your bank immediately if this number appears on your bank statement.


This number is a green line, probably for some company as a client's service number where the call is paid by the company itself. Haven't found which company owns this number, has anyone seen it before?


Same here. Took several transactions of 5 quid along with a bunch of pizza orders in Glasgow (I'm in the US right now!).


I've not had a call off this person but I have had them taking money from me! I've recently had two transactions come out of my account under the name " EE TOP UP VESTA IE " with the number following. I don't have a top up phone only monthly contract and no one else has one on my card. First payment was £10, second was £20. I've also had Now tv bills coming out of 10p under the name " NOWTV.COM/BILLINGHELP SKY GB" but I don't have a Now tv account nor does anyone use my card for it.


This number started with an EE TOP UP VESTA transaction of £10 That wasn't from me. They then did three more transactions from BRAVONEXT SA CH CHIASSO. They have managed to get £670.33 from my account. Their number will be receiving a call from me on a pay phone.


Iv had £93 taken from my account in 7 transactions mostly EE and software and apps 0808168076


I think I have experienced the same thing - I don't use EE.

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don't be bothered


Automated message saying my internet would be cut off. Asked to press 1 which l did not. Hung up


01603 630000 Named as Vive La Voucher, asking for a text to 60441. You are charged £2.00. A scam, plain and simple. Setting your network to refuse premium rate calls by you might stop it


Did not answer as came up negative on here


Apparently I was selected as a winner of £M from the ‘EURO-MEGA DRAW’ and to email them to claim, definitely a scam as I haven’t entered. The person previous to this also said the same... block the number. Do not click any links or emails


go away nuisance caller!


A man with an Indian accent called to speck to my mother who is 84 I asked what he wanted, I didn't let on who I was, he told me he could protect my mums landline for life against cold callers but needed to check my card details as my card expiry date runs out 2018, I said do not have my card to hand he demanded I go look for it. I proceeded to tell him the card didn't run out in 2018 and that i didn't needed to answer anymore of his questions and put the phone down.I believe that they are targeting elderly

Positive ratings


gas companies gas technology ltd - Cardiff


alice in a looking glass newport


call from Santander to remind me about an appointment. positive call


astral fox records st. agnes st. agnes


pubs bars and inns the railway tavern (London)


hospital ringing


none london greater london


accountants regan and co tregaron


traffic gatewealth ltd london london

Annoying ratings


Khave sa


THis is for 01903297600: A young woman called 'about your land line ...... understand that you are receiving a large number of unwanted calls........' we can block these calls for £1.70 per month.' When I raised a query, she hung up.


Called ended straight after I answered


A company called Moorhouse


It's annoying


This number called me twice today (13/1/18) - no one spoke so I just hung up and, after checking number on Google, blocked the caller.


Wanted my visa card nunber


KS legal pfishing car accident call.


Lowell Financial LTDDebt collection SCAMMay also send letters!SCAM

Neutral ratings


Been charged for this but don't know how this has happened


self catering m & f nicolle looe


Automated voice message (female, with an Indian/Pakistani accent) purporting to be from BT technical dept informing me that my internet had been compromised and as a result my phone line will be terminated today - hung up before I heard the options as I suspect it to be a scam and I wasn't about to press any numbers! Neither my line nor my broadband are from BT which is why I strongly suspect this to be yet another scam.


I had a call from this number today, didn't pick it up...about 20 minutes later a call from Talk Talk telling me they wanted to refund me for a bad service. I gave them the...


livestock and others d s & k mort ashton-under-lyne lancashire


it is an apprenticeship provider, also fully funded training for existing staff


This was a strange one.... I missed the call but the voicemail that was left sounded like a recording being played back, it was a woman's voice but it was entirely in Chinese so I have no idea what the call was about or what they wanted, but as I wasn't expecting a call from China I can only assume they wanted me to part with some money in one way or another. I'm shocked that no-one else has been called by this number.... Yet!


garages - repair and modification gerald sweeney


rang at 0808 minutes silence, a beep and 'goodbye'- nuisance call

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