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Dangerous ratings


Roseville taxi (stoke-on-Trent), call gets diverted to this number and then you’ll be charged! In other worlds, it is not free to call because it diverts you.


one of the usual pillocks




Another annoying call

Positive ratings


katia padfield haywards heath xx


Positive number


kara kyne london n a


glen hammond attleborough attleborough

Annoying ratings


cabot rang at pm


This number calls me from 08.10 in morning and many times through the day, not answering any more when that number comes up.


An Indian sounding man with call centre noise in the background saying he was from BT and about to cut off me internet got very stroppy when I questioned him as to how BT would do this and called me an old Hag! I told him not to be rude and hung up!


Phone me constantly. Never leave a message. Clearly not anyone I know.Presumed to be some kind of bottom dragging lowlife slime masquerading as ‘an expert’ on PPI who will almost certainly end up much richer out of what I am owed, than I will.IDEA!!! Why d

Neutral ratings


who called


Reed rains 02380381636 they left a message on my phone calling me from 02380233393 Very unprofessional !!! Very annoying ... They made about 30 calls on my answering machine w...


Received a text supposedly from Whatsapp about my account. I was,asked to call this number which I haven't done as I see it is a premium number.


Think this may be South West Water re a burst main in the area but not taking a chance and pressing 1 to hear the message even though it's come through four times in the last hour!!

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