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three calls today it just cuts off when I answer


Asked for my personal details before they would identify themselves, the anted my address , etc. Doesn't my bank already know this? Plus they have never written to me about any issues. I was in the dark so suggested they write to me before I engage. I said that I would contact them once I receive some formal correspondence.


I have just received a call from this number and it sounded real genuine, but I know the bank will never call you, so I said to the guy, go away, you are a scammer, and his reply was cool and collected and asked me to ring him back, and I replied by saying, go away for F****** liar and I put the phone down. the funny things is the genuine number of Barclays is 0800 161 5350 and this guy number is similar and ending by 5232. so people PLEASE be careful.


Called me right on 9am on a Saturday morning , said I wasn’t interested. This Indian guy called back on Tuesday, told him not to call me again. Just got a missed call- it’s them again! Typical Indian scammers, they will call you and not take no for an answer. If it’s important your bank will send you a letter. My advice is to just keep hanging up on them!


Ask for personal details.


Didn't answer as I was paying at the checkout. No message left. Luckily checked on here so now BLOCKED!


Barclays India


Scam be careful


It is a very well organised scam ! Same to me as above and just so you readers now , I m Romanian and they don t sound nothing like ; they sound more like the people from Middle East -no offence to anyone , but more like India , Pakistan by their accent and they fast way of speaking English. Blocked number , still calling and them emailing to send bank statements to them . They ask to pass securiry in order to say why they are calling , give the name of the company , when regused they become very frustrated


Full scam, they asked for my security details on calling me. Barclays won't do this.


Get the same call every morning 8:30 this first time i went through the questions (stupid i know) then at the end of thr 3 or 4 questions he.told me to ring the number on the back of the card. This to me was weird. So i rang barclay commercial and they had no issue to discuss the next morning a lady calls and says the same thing i told her iv went through this already and called the company and there was not issue. I asked her what its about and she said she cant tell me until i go through security question




Barclaycard commercial India


Complete scam


they wanted me to give my bank account details and verify myself before they told me what they wanted to talk about ?


The number on caller display is genuine but its a SCAM have checked this out due to persistent phone calls. DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM.


Three calls today when I answer they just hang up


It is a scam: I called Barclaycard Commercial to make sure (not on the number the caller told me to call back but the number on the back of my card) and was told they had not tried to contact me and that I should disregard the calls. I have now blocked the number as they've called a dozen times over the past two weeks. I asked Barclaycard if they wanted the number so they know who's trying to scam people in their name and potentially put up a web page with warnings about known scamming numbers, but slightly


This Barclaycard Commercial - not a scam!


Don't know the number calls me and then then hangs up


Scam completely fake ‭0800 161 5232‬ Someone calling us everyday and claim that he speak from Barclays commercial card.

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Ravi Kumar


Fed up of this number.Simply ignore it.


Junk call. Don't answer


don't bother


asking for money


Recorded message


claim you have gave them details of a car accident.. when I told them I don't drive and a few key words they hang up.


claims call centre, don't answer

Positive ratings


Blacksmiths RE Liddle Hexham Northumberland


Positive number


avm vision twickenham


c. c. and s. ltd. newport gwent


hospital equipments synerception ltd winchester hampshire


mixed crops r h and i j kennerley shrewsbury


richard f wright and sons steel beccles


Private number


lux carbon services slough berkshire

Annoying ratings


Indian lady rang claiming to be from Bt. My internet had a potentially dangerous virus apparently and she required me to turn on my computer to resolve the problem. Told her I did not have a computer, with that she hung up. Obviously scam call. Have had se


Got a text claiming to be with Churchill car insurance (never had any dealings with them), requesting me to complete a satisfaction survey - because of this page I didn't bother to respond.


Called at 02.32, rang once, did not answer. Blocked now


Called I spoke then they cut me off. I will ban these calls.


This one is the worst its just every day at least 3 times a day. For me the area code is in my area but its always from overseas wanting to do surveys and accident claims. Refusing does nothing. They just keep calling other numbers used 01563478003, 01563485408, 01563485745,. Its so bad early morning till late at night. I block them as they come now.


I don’t know who called or why, they refused to reply when I said hello, and then they hung up after a few seconds, I will report them to the TPS, and hopefully they will sort them out...


Calls received times a day no message left


Scamming bastard. Said I had debts. Hung up when I said I don’t have ang debts. My advice is to keep them on the phone and waste their time like they waste everybody else’s.


Same as previous entry, I was sent a text from this number saying the AA was unable to take payment. Checked credit card was still valid (it was) and noted that my annual payment is taken in Jan, not Feb. Did not call back.

Neutral ratings


Missed the call so rang it back and it says incorrect number


marinas - general j l b surveys


Chinese sounding woman in a busy call centre said something inaudible, then 'bye' and hung up.


Calling about an accident......that I've never had!


framing services c atkinson ltd. Liverpool merseyside


+44 800 092 3910


caller said ' that sounds like a very respectable young lady' when I asked who was calling, they immediately hung up.


clocks, watches and repairs thwaites + reed (contracts) ltd hastings


No message left


debt collecting company

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