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Dangerous ratings


do not answer, someone in India wants to get rid of your debt ????


don't waste my time


Trying to sell me a loan


Discovered £10 charged to my husbands vodafone account from text no 60076. No idea how it’s happened, definitely not signed up to it. Have recently changed the car and and had to tax it and tax my husbands car all done on DVLA site. Emailed the company and received a reply next day stating we will get a refund through the post office. Waiting for that. Have since put a block on all premium no’s in and out from our mobile phones. Obviously a scam !!!!

Positive ratings


audio visual solutions wirral


photographers richard bosworth - Cardiff


soak bathrooms slough brk


mostyn management ltd london real estate activities

Annoying ratings


0901 303 5388 I have no idea who this is but according to my phone bill I am paying for 3 calls I have not made. Who are they and how do I stop them? Do you know ?


answered this call even though I knew it was a foreign number. Lady aid she was calling from BT and that there was something I should know about my next bill. I then hung up.


called several times during the night, every 30 mins. hung up.


AC Services - claiming to have all details on non-fault accident wanting to assist reclaiming money - very pushy. asked for email information to review - not received yet.

Neutral ratings


hostels dominies road hostel


lifts arrow lifts ltd liskeard


This is a genuine business number, so no worries after all.


00 224 55703855 Unknown. Mebbe 3rd time I've had a missed call from Guinea numbers. I don't think they let the call ring cus I've nvr heard it ring when.

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