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Who are these ppl!!! Phoned me said they from halifax said nothing about my account told change address and hung up!!!!


its a scam dont give any details now blocked be ware


The man would say was James but when I asked for a full name to do a bit of research myself he refused and said he wasn't doing anything illegal.


They are an overseas call centre that banks use when you owe them money.They call at any time even during the night.If you block the number they just let it go to your answer phone or voicemail.They are a pain in the arse.Why can,t the banks just contact y


I don't answer cold callers but having read comments, they are clearly scammers as I don't bank with Bank of Scotland or Halifax.


Claimed to be calling for halifax about a problem with my account. When i told them i banked with natwest they then claim that they made a mistake and infact are calling from natwest. Best thing to do is block this number i recive 3 or 4 calls from then every day.


Scammers. They will phone numerous times over the course of months and jot down any information you do give away against your number until they have the big three.. Just do what I do and say "oh hi! I've been waiting for you to call, can you just hold the line for a second.....?" Then leave it on loudspeaker, don't say anything, just do whatever it was you were doing...and wait to see how long it takes for them to get bored and hang up..... Then block :)


It's the help section of the Halifax bank. They want to help with charges you are incurring.


Scam - Did not answer the call, but following reading all the comments on here I called my bank who confirmed no issues with my account. Do not discuss any info with these people it is a scam


Called me today and asked for my DOB and address, I told them I would ring back once I had checked they were genuine. Once I finished the phone call I immediately rang Halifax and they told me it wasn’t in their nature to cold call, and I had no notes on my account that would warrant such an urgent phone call.


I was called by this number about 10 minutes ago. I answered the phone and then after a male had said good morning, they hung up. On reading previous posts, it would appear either to be a scam or a genuine banking call. NO banks who call their customers ask for their personal details. It would also appear to be either LLoyds, Bank of Scotland or Halifax? I do not bank with any of these, so do not know why they would contact me. I have no loans or mortgages.


Indian sounding woman asking to speak regarding my overdraft with lloyds? glad i hung up


wanted to speak to mr mitchell.


nuisance call


Why do you call so many times take me out of the system you have no need to call me


Called at 8am then a couple of hours later on my landline. I let all calls go straight to answer machine. Silence, no message left, hung up.


tele marketing


left an over draft they wanted me to start paying directly to them but I'd not trust it


spam don't bothering answering


This is Halifax asking if I was happy with the service provided with my loan. Thus gas happened because I took I claim out for ppi. If you have do e the same be advised to not answer questions and ask for them. To send anything g through in writing


2 missed calls. Had a ! Next to the number as my S9 recognises any suspicious calls. I called Halifax as they said they are with Bank of Scotland or Halifax and once called they had no record . Lately that's all I'm getting is scammers . Be aware and don't answer


No answer when picked up


No answer


Said they were Halifax and wanted security questions answered, I didn't and they then tried to give me a number to ring back so I told them I would find my own number to ring


silent call


Genuine Lloyd’s banking group collections department outgoing number BUT being used as a front by scammers, phoned one day claiming to be Bank Of Scotland then Halifax Bank Of Scotland next, phoned at unsociable hours, asking for information and refusing to tell me which department they were phoning from, been in touch with my bank on numerous occasions since receiving the calls and they confirmed it hadn’t been them trying to get in touch. DO NOT give out any personal details to them.


They wanted me to give them my DoB and postcode. I said they should have this info if genuine, he said he could give me a number to call back to or I could go to a branch. I asked them to put a letter in the post - guessing I won't get one. Then he ended the call. I'm guessing it was some sort of scam.


+44 800 092 3910


collections from bank. I left an overdraft behind form an old bank not a wasted call but not a positive one. polite and helped me set up my payments


fake bank callers, scammers!

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loan company


Call on this number from a lady with a strong Asian accent, said that the Microsoft server showed I was having problems with my PC, I said Excuse me twice as she carried on speaking and when she was quiet for a moment I added you are talking rubbish! as I


SCAM Automated voice telling my BT router is faulty, and internet will be cut off....... bull****


Debt reduction telemarketing


Insisted I had been in an accident and became abusive when I said I had not and asked where they had got this info from and asked them to remove my number from their system


Ho visto le recensioni e non ho risposto.


recorded message


My latest phone bill states that I called this number for 11 secs and it cost me 57p......I don't know who or why I called this number. I get unlimited free calls but this one charged me!! Watch out!!


they don't speak if you answer

Positive ratings


unisex hairdressers h20 hairdressing southampton hampshire


american round up




jelly associates


flying scotsman pubs bars and inns tamworth b77 2ed


michael jeffs maidenhead maidenhead


Private number


g and g control systems stoke on trent manufacture ofradio, tv and communication equipment and apparatus


equifax europe (uk) ltd london other business activities not elsewhere classified

Annoying ratings




I received a text offering me compensation for flight delay my number was already registered with tps very annoying so early


Multiple calls from Tonga. Last digits vary.


It is a business giving high street vouchers etc.


Called asking about accident in last years. Told Togo away!


Lydia from Skylark, second time this week


Said hello and hung up


Sigma Accident Claims company


Called repeatedly but did not respond when I picked up. Now blocked


2 missed calls today. I answered the third. It was a young Scottish lady called Jane who sounded to be in her late twenties. Nice voice but I couldn't live with it, it was one of those semi-squeaky-broad-scottish voices which start to drone a bit after a while. To cut a long story short, she tempted me with new glass for my windows. Not including the frames funny enough. The government is apparently (or transparently!) changing out all the double glazing glass windows in MY AREA to new energy effiecent magi

Neutral ratings


central government kent probation service faversham


welders brown d c ashford


Missed call, shown as +685 8493 090 - Samoa international code, but possibly disguised. If it hangs up, it is harassing.




car rental fairdeal car rentals ltd smethwick


estate agents elliotts estate agents hove


garages - repair and modification vale garages (burnley) burnley lancashire


musical instruments david boyce

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