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Asking for account detail to verify an account transaction. When I called the Official Santander number they could not verify the security concern and did not recognise this number. Please be aware


They sent me an SMS that was apparently from Santander (my bank) about confirming a $10 transaction. They already had the last four digits of my card number. I called back and they asked me for the full card number, to verify my ID they said. I replied saying that my bank would never ask that. Please be careful.


text message indicating that a transaction had occurred asking me to call 0800 085 0986 (this is a scam number), do not call it. Call your bank in the first instance, informing them. Bank contacted and this transaction has been treated as suspicious and declined (prior to my call).


Had a text which showed up as a Santander number (it was added to the previous message thread of legitimate Santander texts). "Reference ID 6M1YD We need you to authenticate a payment of <X> GBP at <time> on <date> from card ending <my card number>. Please call us on <scam number> if this wasn't you." included an OTP at the end, and looked very legitimate. Having googled the number, it's clear it is not from Santander as many other people are reporting it as a scam to


I received the text to verify an online transaction. Stupidly I also rang the number and found myself giving them all my details. It didn't fell right so went straight to my Santander branch who confirmed it was not them and have blocked my card to stop any transactions.


Had all the hallmarks of Santander security text/call. I hit the number highlighted and got through to a call centre. Operator went through all security questions but started to ask for all the numbers on my Debit card. Thought this was 'fishy?' Hung up and then went onto Santander website and contacted the fraud dept. They confirmed that there had been several attempts on my account to obtain funds.


Had a text, which claimed and looked to be from Santander, they knew a recent transaction amount and the last 4 digits of my card. asking me to ring a number to verify this activity.

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Heavy Indian accent, said his name was John Maloer calling from TPS. He offered this number 0871 2700040 and said I could call him back to verify (as if!). I think he really believed I would call him back! He asked me to verify my name, number and full add




I've had the same, asking to call 09023941635 looks like a scam


I have had 5 calls from this number to my mobile over two days. I only rarely & reluctantly give out my number and never, ever, answer numbers that I do not recognise. So I did a web search and found this site, very informative. I was involved in an ac


Claimed to be a virgin offering people rough anal sex. Asked me to accompany him to a gay bar. Do not I repeat do not call this number for the fun of it

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Accident claims line


Time wasters and fakers/


Fed up with this number calling everyday soon as u ask who is calling they hang up


This number called and said they were B.T and there was an issue with my broadband I hung up the phone


Was called at . After a couple of minutes I was able to get a word in to say I am not a homeowner. He hung right up. No apology and no assurance my number would be removed from their list. Thought it was very rude.

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Has called a couple of times. No idea who or why and don't leave messages. I don't answer unrecognized numbers.


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