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Asked to be allowed into home to "check for carbon emissions". DO NOT ALLOW THESE SCAMMERS INTO YOUR HOME.


trying to sell using some sort of subsidy


I am 14, so I told them no one was on to be plight but they ended up trying to ask for personal info. Also if I do say very unprofessional laughing and joking around at the other end. (No Info was given by me)


This firm keeps calling about 'carbon emissions' and has a 'team in the area' to check our rating. DODGY!


Multiple calls with either no pickup or laughing joking in background.

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Dangerous ratings


Scam. No from dating site. She will want you to get Id from or something and if you go for it you might end up loosing loads of money. Ive done some research and luckly did fall for it. Be aware.


Waste of time


From BT wanted to talk about internet. Told him to go away


scam company, avoid at all costs.


Multiple calls today from this number (14/07/16) all recorded message saying Currys doing survey on my tumble dryer modification. I do not have a tumble dryer and havent shopped at Currys for years. I believe this is a nuisance call, using my ex directory land line and mobile numbers. No idea how they got them. But I wont be answering again that is for sure. If it was genuine they would know I dont have a tumble dryer and dont shop there. Better safe than sorry, do not answer it.

Positive ratings


dentists l h rich & r e collins - Caerphilly


Medical hospital.


blue coast ltd kingston upon thames it and telecoms industry


xyone limited chorley lancs

Annoying ratings


Life Insurance Premiums automated advert. SPAM


Calls every day does not talk


Aqua credit care arrears collection. They sometimes have old mobile numbers for ex customers and the number has been recycled to the new mobile phone customer thats why people get called who have never had an aqua account


Definitely Harassment. These people are Debt collectors. I have no Debts but it would appear that the person who had my telephone number before as. I have reported them for cold calling to the I.C.O. Also reported them to the F.C.A as they a in breech of t


Calling about tv insurance which I don’t have and they want your bank details scammers

Neutral ratings


Solicitors working on behalf of Tesco Car Insurance.


I don't know,they said they were Tesco bank re fraud.i put the phone down,this happened 3 times already today


pubs bars and inns o'neill's irish bar


builders merchants yates builders merchants queenborough

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