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Average rating (1-10) 5
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Number operator (Mobile network) [07953966066] EE - UK
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Just called to wish me well When can they visit I have just been discharged from hospital


EE confirmed name added to txt to landline


Had phone called today off this number saying that a person was out of credit and could I ring them back . Only my family and business have my landline number so haven't bothered .


This is not a dangerous service but it is ill conceived and very confusing for the recipient of a call. One of the problems is that without a pen and paper to hand you have no way to record the message that you are given. The call to our landline was a text message from a friend who decided to send it as a voice message to our landline. It took us two hours to figure out what had happened and was distressing because the message contained confidential information. I have no idea what value this service adds


Half an hour ago 07953 966066 left a voice mail with this number. Just repeated the number. I have not phoned it as if it is important they will ring back and I do not call telephone numbers I do not recognise.


This number called twice with a spoken text message, on my land line which is ex-directory. Called me by my name and the text said we were good together, and long time no see. The rest I did not listen to and blocked the number. The calls were at pm


A text voice message saying that someone is now out of hospital. The message was not very clear. They asked me to phone back on the number to repeat the message. I hung up and black listed the number.


Just solved the mystery call from this number. It is a message service. I have a scatty friend who thought she was sending a text to my mobile. Instead she sent it to my home phone. Genuine call from a genuine message service on this occasion.


I accidentally sent a text to a landline. BT Mobile texted me about a service to convert the text into speech, i did nothing. Then BT Mobile texted me to say text delivered to landline. BT Mobile and EE are the same company. EE is the mobile service.


The message was 'Anytime, Anyplace sex text.. EE should be able to trace these numbers so that we can see who sent them. Disgraceful!


It's the EE text delivery service not a spam caller .. Call or text the number that they leave first not this number to find out who has sent a text message to your landline .. I found out it was my Green Parcel Delivery Service confirming my bed delivery for today. Initially i thought it was a scam after reading these comments .. its only a scam if scammers are texting not this legitimate EE text delivery service. REMEMBER TO TEXT THE FIRST NUMBER THEY LEAVE THATS WHO IS SENDING YOU THE MESSAGE :)


EE service to announce your name when you text a landline


Sent a text to an number( cold caller ) and this said your text has been sent )...Will try & block...IGNORE otherwise


I relied with a text telling them to stop was from a number that is listed on here as PPI .....This seems the same number .IGNORE * BLOCK


Robo Call saying I had a text message and to call back on another number.Block this number




I'm with previous writers on this, that it is an EE number given out at the end of text message from a mobile phone to a land line. Texts from a mobile to a land line are read by a computerised voice that can't cope with abbreviations or punctuation and, thus, are difficult to comprehend. The voice also kicks as soon as the phone is answered, which means, if there's an answer phone message, the early part of the text message is lost.The sender's mobile number is given out at the beginning of the text messag


Had a text welcoming me to a voice introduction service - deleted it then got another from this number saying a text I hadn't sent had been delivered to a number I don't know.


This number delivers a spoken SMS text message to your landline


Anonymous CALLER saying I have a text message. Put the phone straight down. Have had lots of previous calls from this number x just ignoring all calls I dont recognise. calls in one mirning is definite harassment x


I was out and this number called and left messages on my ansaphone today at 14.27 (twice) 14.28, 14.32 (twice), 14.33 (twice) and 14.38 (a friend left a message in between last two). Each time they just left voicemail message of their number. It's clearly not an innocent caller, but an automated call, harassing people. How can they be stopped?


No idea who is leaving messages to call them back on this number but messages were left on Friday, the final one asking for money. Did not ring back. Concerned that a call back would cost more than you would expect and that it is a scam.


Ppi claims


Advised she was in hospital and paralysed. Very very distressing.


I have received 2 calls today 01/07/18 using my name asking to catch up and hoping I got home Safe.




Have no idea. Just said "How is"...and then my name. I didn't call back on my landline, but texted the number (perhaps stupidly) from my mobile. It said text sent successfully and the a message from EE popped up about texting landlines, but I didn't really read it properly.


Block it


I had a call at 0130 from 07953966066 saying the weather is good in Italy. Then another call at 0730 to say the weather is better in London. Obviously scam calls but timed to be as irritating as possible. Are they targeting desperately lonely people hoping they will call back and spend lots of money in call back fees?


spam text message system

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Silent caller, no answer




nękanie dziwne


My wife received a text message from 61991 saying she had won a £100 AMAZON voucher, press enter to collect.As she had ordered on line a few hours previous she foolishly thought this was genuine.she then £4.50 charge added to mobile bill.I contacted my provider TalkTalk regarding this charge and they told me contact PhonePayPlus .org .uk Tel:0300 303 0020.Phone pay plus gave me a number to contact the company using this number which I did. They told me the number would be removed from their records.I also b


Don't answer just block. Sends a "will call you back" text that costs you money.


nuisance call


Will writing service, Legacy Wills- nuisance


Thus number 07522556312 don't know then keep calling 3 times a day so I block then

Positive ratings


xcmsdesign bromyard herefordshire


pe ght supply ltd


julie jackson cambridge cambridgeshire


moldflow (europe) ltd orpington


Can't comment on calls received from this number, but this is the new claims line number for QuoteMeHappy, so for outgoing calls I need to give it a positive rating.


lighteyez maryburgh n a


maa wholesale padside


aircraft maintenance and service racal avionics ltd (London)


business and trade business in the community in wales - Cardiff


emerald wedding services & fireworks entertainers belfast ulster

Annoying ratings


Kept calling now blocked.


the national database


Hung up when I answered


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 19223042xx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with accident chasers, insurance claims. Just block it if not interested (I use the app from


Usual - have you had an accident scam


(Addition to previous) From other comments on here, I can see this is in fact a sales company that provides services to a number of other companies to cold call on their behalf for commission. The data warehouse/broker thing was kindly explained by one of these callers a couple of weeks back. It's a never-ending cycle - in order to pay the phone bills of an initial cold call, data is sold on to the next cold-calling company. Who knows what other information we might have given over the phone gets sold on? O


‭0113 231 9654‬ Missed this call...glad I did now pfft


American voice claiming to be BY. Recorded


Smart meter installation, keep calling even though I already have one!

Neutral ratings


This person Ben stating all of the above and that be wanted to post an add of the crime prevention magazine for £195 which I found very fishy. I asked him to forward me an email and link to this website and he bluntly said they do not send emails.


+44 (0044 )


livestock and others richard radmore yelverton


restaurants restaurant east goes west margate




I dnt answer this number, they ring 2/3 times in a day plus what company's ring past 6pm?! Had same experiences with different numbers silence, phone put down and long paus...


Keeps calling weekly but no one say anything on the other side.


who is this


insurance agents and companies the canada life assurance co plymouth


lingerie and hosiery - retail ann summers

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