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Phone number: 07919608805

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Number operator (Mobile network) [07919608805] Vodafone - UK
Logo Vodafone
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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Company called claim easy, luckily I had already googled the number and seen it to be a scam, strung him along for a while before telling him I had never filled out any PPI with them or anyone else and that he should get a real job instead of trying to steal people’s money


sounds like a call center - I hung up and blocked the number


Hung up when I answered...blocked.


Maybe claim eazy would like us all to keep calling them every 2 minutes . Contact number 0808 146 7677 or e-mail [email protected] Maybe they'd like to be inconvenienced whilst at WORK !!!!


comes up as Potential fraud on my smartphone


07919608805 from company called Claim Easy told him not interested he hung up!


Don't know who called when I phoned back got told to f ofg


Over past few days has tried to call me, nobody speaks and it gets cut off. When trying to call back a strange tone comes up them gets cut off.


I was called the son of a whore, they wished cancer on myself and my family, vitriolic abuse.


Some Abdul calling from a UK Vodafone number saying I am due a claim I filed with them for PPI in 2016. I call bullshit as 1) I dodnt fill a ppi claim in 2016. 2) It does not take 2 years for a ppi claim to go through. Nice try loser


Number has been ringing me a couple of times a day - when I was able to answer there was no one there. Dialed back and got a strange ringing tone then line went dead - BLOCKING.


Said he was from Claim Easy and checking I had received PPI £3k compensation paid to my bank account. When I said I was pursuing PPI compensation using a different company he hung up. I reckon he was going to ask for my bank details. Beware


called 5 times now, each time hanging up as soon as I answer phone - really annoying


Answered said I was not interested the person told me to f off. Very rude


I was told that I had previously filled out a form that I was trying to claim PPI. I told him that it’s now illegal to contact me due to the new GDPR. He continued to talk over me as I was saying please delete me information effective immediately and told me to F**k off!!!


07919608805 called claiming I had got £3200 to receive from PPI but I have never had PPI.The company was claim easy and his name was bennet roger obviously a fraud and I have now barred the number


My mum just received a call from this number. Told them they had the wrong number which then led to a torrent of abuse, shouting and swearing.


A PPI scammer called Claim Easy? Definitely some joedak after your bank details. Speak english you cunt! SCAM


I got a missed call, i called back and went to blocked. reading all the above i have now blocked the number.


Claiming to have a ppi refund waiting for me with signed paper work from me - I claimed my own ppi 4 years ago! Very forceful. I was more forceful and they hung up.

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I have tried stopping this subscription before. But they are eating all my credit! Scammers!


Ignored the call as I do but called it back and got the a voicemail for an 'A. M.'. The voicemail sounded corporate and was noisy like a call centre




Text from 65011 came with a £10 charge ... yet to be resolved


Been getting charged 3.75 every week!!!!!! No idea how!!!!! Furious


who is this


Message quoted my name in full and asked me to press different keys to confirm whether my name was correct. A scam call is strongly suspected and am concerned that my full name and telephone number is out there and being used.


Cold caller


Pension Scheme

Positive ratings


smithy equestrian bedworth cv12 8qs


darren silsbury bodmin cornwall


w f l c ltd electrical goods camberley gu15 2qw


olive press ltd


prayer for the nations london abd


expected call from Royal Marines Charity


the talking bookshop london g wholesale and retail




This number belongs to HMRC

Annoying ratings


Supposedly from Vodafone saying contract on phone due for upgrade, when I said not interested he said he could save money on bills. Said regularly check Vodafone account to make sure getting best deal. Another blocked number. Think I have more blocked numbers than live!!!


It’s utilita (never heard of them) if you call the number back you can opt out of future phone calls. I’ve just done it. They were calling multiple times a day. Annoying


Leaving blank voicemails, probably spam caller


They never speak. Blocked the number, call log shows them as calling twice every day.


Called mid pm, I answered they hung up. Probably a round robin call


They say in the text that they're Thames Water, but I'm not so sure, as I know that Thames Water's email account has been compromised by hackers, as I've received spam calls & texts from +447786 201716 as well. Very similar, only the last -743 digits are different. I think this is not a legitimate number. They text to say they would 'be calling in a few minutes to discuss your complaint' but I haven't made a complaint recently, so it must be bogus.


Phone every morning 9.15 then hang up when I answer it.


Calls at least twice a day for the last few weeks asking for a name not known here. When asked to desist they hang up. Very rude and harassing.


Thanks to this site, number now blocked. Like many others cannot understand how companies like this can continue to operate or how the telephonic companies do very little about it.

Neutral ratings


This number has phoned me a few times calling them selves perfect benefits


Indian voice claiming to be from BT 'technical department'. Scam.


Came through on whatsapp claiming I wanted to change to a new device


02968787555 called @15.10 pm asking for the owner of the house..I have asked whose the caller and he said TPS. I hang up the phone.


Suspected spam. Did not answer. Blocked.


I had a text this morning, asking for help, as was in hospital and then said their name was Sarah T she wanted a phone voucher.... seems she has lots of falls ????


Didn't answer call.have read comments.


solicitors y t l corporation (u k) plc gillingham


Call received asking for my wife, she was out, then asked if i was a member of the family. I said neither of us responded to unsolicited calls. I asked if we could be taken off ...

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