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Phone number: 07786205094

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Average rating (1-10) 3
Number of comments 21
First date of search 2018-07-05 15:09:49
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Number operator (Mobile network) [07786205094] Vodafone - UK
Logo Vodafone
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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This number is an Apple number. When you activate Facetime or iMessage on your iPhone your phone sends a text to this number. Although it looks like a UK number it is actually an international number. Therefore you are charged for a text. If this number rings you then it is most probably Apple technical support, as they often have this number on their ID panel so it doesn't show their true number that is calling you from Ireland. This information was direct from Apple.


sms scamming


SMS Scamming. They appear as charges on your telephone bill. Mine was charged 3 times every month for the last 3 months. Very annoying. they charge you 2,50 euros per virtual SMS.


On Vodafone payg iPhone 4s - couldn't send or receive SMS messages as a message was sending on checking it was to this number but wouldn't send as it's a premium text and was saying to top up as I didn't have enough credit - actually had £9.43 so how much was I going to be charged!!! Was able to dismiss it but had to re set phone to re enable iMessage No idea where this number came from but it had stopped me receiving important messages


I am being billed for sms sent to this number, not registered on my phone


I am living in Switzerland and had the same issue, within 3 days 15 text messages were sent to this number and didn't even stop when I switched off FaceTime and iMessage on my iphone. Carrier first blamed Apple and Apple blamed Carrier. Called Apple Tech support and after debating long back and forth they advised to back up the iphone (after storing all data on iCloud). In the end this helped. Seems to have been a bug. Was quite annoying.




I am being billed for SMS to this number


My phone sends messages to this number and I am being charged for it


Billed for SMS to this number.


I was billed for "sending" 16 text messages to 00447786205094 over a period of ten days while in Spain. I certainly did not send these. I rang my Providor. - - to be told the messages were sent from my symcard. My phone was never out of my possession. However, the agent to whom I spoke did not alert me to the fact that lots of phone owners have been having the same problem. Has anybody worked out how to put a stop to this?




As others I have SMS send from my iPhone 5 on iOS 10.3.3 to this number +447786205094 since many months every time charging 0,2€... If what other people here are saying is correct It seems to be related to FaceTime or iMessage use but impossible to stop from the iPhone nor from the carrier... As anybody complaint with Apple ??


This is scamming. They charged me for more than 2 dozen international messages in last 3 days. Outrageous!!!


I have been billed for SMS to this number


I am living in the United Arab Emirates. Same problem for me and I contacted the provider, Etisalat and was told I sent these messages from my phone. Sent almost 10 messages in a month and all charged. The funny thing, they cannot restrict international SMS.


In Europe the activation of facetime implies a message to UK. I've seen it on my carrier. It starts with something else. Everytime you turn it off or on it will send the message. My carrier debits 0,26€ from my phone, and that message wich we don't see has a cost of 0,60€ here. What has been happening is a lot stranger. You only activate it once. I did that, but my phone sent 16 messages to the UK!!! I was loosing money! My carrier doesn't support this so called bug. They say its a Facetime bug!


I´m being billed for SMS to this number (from my Swedish phone number) without having sent any texts to it.


I am charged for internacional SMS to this number, but I did not send them and these SMS are not in my iPhone. Operator said that Facetime sends them when IOS is upgraded and I should turn off iMessage. But I have it turned off.


italiano stentato.... ma fatemi il piacere


I continue to receive strange texts from this number.

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I think it is brilliant that somebody in a far away place is so concerned that my internet connection is poor, and they want to fix it. How generous I said, why do you want to help me so much I asked. Keep them talking, act stupid, they do not know we are taking the mickey. Different culture, no understanding of sarcasm. I challenge myself to see which of us will hang up first. The scammers always lose patience first. Remember time is money for them. 2018 and we still cannot shut these things down. I bet if


Has rung me a couple of times. Gone to answer machine for the silent treatment.Have blocked number. Will have to see if I get charged because it went to answer machine.Had several of these ** numbers recently. Is it a new trend?


text message claiming to be lloyds and saying fraudulent activity on my account.


funeral insurance


Called asking for someone else, I said they had the wrong number and they cut me off!


Two automated calls already today saying my BT internet is going to be cut off. Press different buttons to speak to someone. Phone put down both times.


chiama in continuazione, non so per cosa


cold caller


illiterate cowboy's spouting **** website nonsense

Positive ratings


ndc ltd macclesfield macclesfield


skyella kent kent


will swales leeds k business services


Private number


nevernotshop london london


gees restaurant oxford h hotels and restaurants


kings community church norwich activities of membership organisations nec


shaun cooper upholstery king's lynn

Annoying ratings


Calls at least once a week but hangs up most of the time - Possibly testing if your line is working - Blocked Number from today!


2 rings. Went dead. Tiresome.


This number gas called me 2 months running resulting in £9.00 charge for receiving call only as never replied to !!!!


energy company


O2 online sales centre number.


Announced as Bruce Banner, of Contract Services. Trying to get us to use their services to get out of Timeshare. Claiming that a lot of Timeshare companies were moving their bases to outside UK, some to oddball foreign countries. Ratbag had not only got ou


It is missed payments at Tesco. My son has a card and didn’t give them the home phone number but somehow they got it and keep ringing several times... calls today. It’s automated so I cannot tell them it’s incorrect as he has moved out.


No one there when I answered. TalkTalk are supposed to block any scam phone calls to my number.


Rang at around 7:30 this morning


Electricity company wouldnt take no for an answer so i hung up on them only to get called straight back and she actually told me she would call and call again. I hung up and she actually called me constantly for 5 minutes!!

Neutral ratings


Caller immediately hung up.


NEVER call these numbers back!


road haulage howards transport (culcheth) ltd. Warrington cheshire


pubs, bars and inns the barley mow chichester


Same message, 11th February 2018. The unique ID was 7LS3M6, the same as some of the others. The call was from 07702 035 085. Claimed I had won £495,000 and asked for name, address and Telephone number. I ignored it.


Woke up to phone ringing 440 am. Only rang once but early enough to worry you a family member might be in trouble.


this number keeps calling me if you leave your answer machine on i have noticed marketing or junk calls wont leave a message


rings but no one on the end ?

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