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Number operator (Mobile network) [07775913538] Vodafone - UK
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new Green Energy deal for windows inviting me to press either of two buttons which I did not. Do we know the company name so they can be reported?


07775913538 - When my answering machine kicks in they hang up. Constant and annoying!


Just rang but no answer, harrassing


window scrappage scheme. At least 4 times a week since changed phone line to Virgin media. On TPS so this call is outside UK. Voice activated message - if you don't speak it won't play. Offers press 5 for real person or 9 to stop calls. Pressed 9 but have contacted Virgin and will keep eye on phone bill!


Why why why don’t the authorities get these idiots. Today is GDPR start, they have an illegal database and they are using it. Fine the poo poo out of them. Blocked.


07775 913538 Recorded message about replacement Windows. They take no notice when you press no to be removed from list!


This is a very annoying telephone number, for when it calls there is nobody at the other end, and as a partially disabled man it causes me problems in getting to answer this unwanted call. Why can't telephone preference or Vodaphone stop these calls?


Just called yet aagin. Call's too regularly no answer, bunch of wasters. Reported to Ofcom.


Contacted by this number which is a vodaphone number on my landline. Call was silent then hung up. Have had this on several occasions and find it very distressing.


Use BT Protect which stops these calls getting through


Silent call. I never speak first


How about this for a strategy. Book an appointment with their rep as whatever they are selling is "just what I need". Confirm the appointment when they phone to check the day before or the day of the appointment. When the rep arrives make sure you have a friend there, and tell the rep that while they keep annoying you with calls then you will keep annoying them with wasted appointments.


Logged into my BT Protect online today and noticed this number has been logged as calling everyday for a week so BT Protect does a good job of stopping the calls from getting through.


Agree with all that has been said. Who ever it is should be put down.


It worked for me with a local window company who used to phone me daily, always promised to take me off their list, and always rang again the next day. After the first appointment when the rep who turned up got the hump and said he was self employed and I had wasted half a day - and I explained that I had told them I would do this if they kept phoning - they rang again the next day. I made another appointment. The same rep rang me to ask if I was the same person, I said yes, and they never rang me again. So


Ring me at least once a day p&&s me off, does anyone know who they are.Thanks


My elderly mother gets a call from this number everyday at 10am there is never anybody on the line, she finds it very distressing. Hopefully this GDPR will kick in and put an end to this type of abuse of the elderly who rely on their telephone for contact.


Failed to leave a message, annoying


I get repeated calls daily from this number. I have answered a few times, never anyone there, I subscrive to telephone preference, yet how do they get passed this. Hope this new legislation will prevent this type of thing happening, yet somehow doubt it.


Fake windows scrappage scheme. Just a huge con. Obviously people fall for it and lose money. This must be stopped.

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ppi pain calls


scam wanting peopke to call back. If you have for some readon called them back you will have been excessively charged.... call your network provider.


Said they were from BT and would be cutting me off for weeks as my IP number had been hacked. Put phone down poke to BT who confirmed it was a scam and blocked number.


car accident cold call


Lending money


just block these annoying callers free from


07011774153, no voicemail left possible scam.


pain in the *

Positive ratings


blue nile clothing ltd london


robertson francis partnership cardiff k business services


lucie meyer southampton


joseph barber barry vgl


threshold charities and voluntary organisations belfast ulster


mytech rugby warwickshire




I have done this with safety guide services I received my book and school I chosen received there's, as they contacted me so glad to off helped my sons school


audio visual services the digital garage co ltd (London)

Annoying ratings


Sounded like a long distance poor quality call with poor pronunciation


Called several times over the last couple of days. No reply when answered


debt collectors checking to see if you are owed money, be careful


Phoned three times today


Claiming to be from free pension advice


"Congratulations, you are selected to get...", so dpam/fake!


Want to call back to get you to take part in a survey. Offer a chance to win grand.


This number has been calling several times a day for past four days, I answer and there is no one there, I called the number and it rings once then disengages!!

Neutral ratings


theatres and concert halls gardner art centre brighton


Shipping Companies Starlift Freight Services Ltd. Barking


had lots of missed calls from this number, the few times i have answered no one is there. checked on here and people mentioning it's three phone network (who i am with and that you can opt out, called back and used the automated options to opt out which i have now done, very quick and easy so hoping it works!


builders thompson,p,builders ltd beckenham


Called a few times over the last 3 days but no messages left.


Does anyone know whether there is a specific dialling code you have to add to the BBC number 81199 to be able to send the message from Germany or any other European country? :-)


livestock and others d w gourlay & co


Dont know of this number to just another in wanted intrusion

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