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Dangerous ratings


"we have been trying to contact you about your PPI claim , we now have details of how much you are due , reply to POST for your pack or END to opt out " .... another PPI scam ?


don't want to win ipad!


Arial direct selling new ph9ne


nuisance call

Positive ratings


Health and Fitness Centres The Martial Arts Studio (St Helens) St Helens Merseyside


waterford institute of technology waterford


Positive number


This is the telephone number for the Birmingham Complaints team for Natwest/Royal Bank of Scotland.

Annoying ratings


Asked if I was miss Thompson. That isn't my name so I said it wasn't. Indian man replied are you a family member, then failed to put me on hold and called me a f****ng b***h. When I confronted him he hung up. Tried to call back to put a massive complaint but the number isn't recognised


Called claiming to be from BT about my computer. Hung up; clearly a scam.


Obviously got round to my area - Irish caller who tried to tell me my house had fibre glass insulation and cavity walls. when I told him it didn’t as it was too old, he asked me to let him finish. When I said did he have a script to get through he said he


Picked up phone line went dead.

Neutral ratings


I answered and received a recorded message saying that it was a call from the Co-operative Bank for [my name] and to press 1 to continue. I do bank with the Co-op but didn't press 1 as I wasn't expecting a call and certainly not one where there wasn't an actual human from the get go! If it's important, they can email me or ring without the command to press 1.


Cold Called by this number - blocked, but at least now we dont need to tolerate anymore.


I'm constantly getting phone calls nearly everyday from this number 02477952007, 3-4 calls in a day. I have no idea who's number this is. really frustrated.


Several calls!

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