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Dangerous ratings


Scam. Silent call


Finanz Trading


Ipswich company


I had a call saying my PPI had been successful i was owed 1800 pound's and they want to post it to me. And I could take it to the bank and cash it but the bank will charge you 800 pound's for cashing the cheque but if I take out a life policy with them they will sort out the 800 pound's and I will receive the hole amount. But when I asked for him to send me a email about this he said I have not got time to do this Iam trying to help you get your money. I replied you send me a email about this I will read th

Positive ratings


butchers j cheale - Tenby


b3 consultancy services ltd princes risborough k business services


e-techkgs hatfield herts


britsec international security ltd ware other business activities

Annoying ratings


called several times a day even on holiday.


+8000496250 - Didn't answer as it came up as a scam. Like everyone else, I Googled it and it confirmed what I already knew !


Genuine? Genuine callers with nothing to hide do not use automated computer dialling so all one has when one answers is a silent call. This one that people on here are saying is a genuine company needs to get it's act together. Have had at last 5 silent calls from this number since the weekend. Should they actually turn out to be fitting smart meters for my energy supplier I shall refuse to allow them entry and change suppliers to one who uses a proper contracting firm.


A silent call.

Neutral ratings




doctors general practitioners adam avenue medical centre


clubs and associations east wickham & welling social club ltd welling


Shoe Shops Little Shoes Grays

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