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I dont have a pet!!!!


Direct Line asking me to rate their service (which was good) but I will not be replying as it was Premium rate (my phone at least warned me). I will be raising it with Direct Line as this is very poor practice.


60224 number sent me Text requesting I replay to 4 QUESTIONS, firstly, question 1-4. I was SUSPICIOUS, then, as always, googled no. 60224, which came from GREEN FLAG INSURANCE (Underwritten by UK- INSURANCE), AND this page confirmed my suspicion that this number is A PREMIUM TEXT-REPLY number. I will phone Green Flag and cancel MY RENEWAL OF CAR BREAKDOWN COVER, because They Are Complicit in this SCAMMING ACTIVITY.




Reading the comments, and tracking back to what I did, this is obviously a bit of a mess up by a number of well-known brands. In my case, it was Direct Line car insurance and the old "four questions". Seems a number of these providers have signed up with a questionnaire provider, possibly without realising that their customers are being charged... or maybe they do know but are hoping that we won't care about the 40p it costs.


Direct Line


Nationwide building society. Its a follow up survey. No charges for this number


This is an SMS text from Direct Line Pet insurance. All legitimate as I had dealings with them over my pet insurance policy.


Direct Line.. review of their call. Not if I am getting charged for it!


recieved text from insurance co. answer 4 questions never again, i was fast doing them still cost 70p another ripoff to look out for


Got a text claiming to be with Churchill car insurance (never had any dealings with them), requesting me to complete a satisfaction survey - because of this page I didn't bother to respond.


Asked to complete a satisfaction survey 4 questions. As I hadn't any on line service from any company I'm ignoring


Direct line wanting a review from a recent telephone call. Won’t be replying to a premium rate text service. Their loss.....


Just had similar from Direct line, we have insurance but had not cancelled it as the text suggests. We had not even phoned them!


Legitimate enough in that I cancelled a motor insurance policy with Direct Line and received a text the next day advising me that they'd like to her about my recent call to cancel. I then received a text from 60224 with the first question asking for a score. When I tried to text back my phone popped up a warning that I would be charged, which seems to be confirmed by the comment on here from 17/06/17. If they had advised they were chargeable and it was a reasonable cost I might have replied but there was no


Avoid Volkwagon Car Insurance


They claim to be Nationwide, wanted to discuss my call to change my policy. I don't have any policy with them and have never called them.


It's all legit. I received a text from direct line about a recent phone call I had with them which is correct and they wanted me to rate it. I was planning on replying with excellent feedback as it was 10's all round but now my nice feedback is not going to be known about.


Green Flag, I assume I had recently changed some details of my cover. When I called them about this number they said they had a special arrangement with the company who sent it and that I would not be charged. But if I was they wanted me to call them and they would refund the money to me. I don't think so. I still believe this number to be a scam.

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Answered and said hello only for a pre recorded clip of a woman saying good bye to be played before they hung up.


Time wasters


0141 530 5852


Called 3 times today


They say I've been involved in a car accident


scam caller


don't know who it is


now tv box illegal

Positive ratings


Nest customer care


musical instruments and sheet music seddon music - Wirral


amusements and arcades rank leisure machine services - Bridgend


noomadoo retford


green ink productions audio visual services belfast county antrim


k j transport services road haulage nuneaton cv10 9ny


linton and hirst group ltd swindon


leon jones-henry wembley wembley


nadjem lion

Annoying ratings


Smart connections trying to sell products that are supposed to improve credit rating


Called my mobile today using a 'Private Number' telling me I was due TWO free diagnostic checks within the first 10 years of having solar panels and the first at 5 years was now due. Thought it odd when he said it was under the Green Levy although it sounded like more like Green Leevy and that it was G L that had set my FIT payments - questioned him on this that as far as i was concerned it was the government that set the FIT payments - he was adamant that it was G L ! He then wanted to know how many panels


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 7520635xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with PPI claims, text/sms, insurance marketing - again and again. Just block it if not inter


Constantly phoning my mobile.when I call back there is no line dailing tone


It's BPP University, expected the call


Same as others. Two calls midnight and 3am.


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 28958399xx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with life insurance, accident claims, PPI - but also as some 3rd party call centre working with O2. Just block it if not interested (I use the app from these pages, no problems). Folks did they call you with the same or something new?


He/she called 2 hours ago and i didn't even notice and he/she didn't call back. Since it also isn't a number from belgium I wouldn't even be bothered to call back. It will cost you money even if it's to any other country than your own. (Belgium)


Some Pakistani bastard

Neutral ratings


from Coventry, Warwickshire. no message left


Just seen on Facebook that’s this number is the Samaritans for when your depressed and need to talk to someone by text but it’s not been tested


They put phone down as soon as I answered, they don't answer when I call back. Could have reported to Police as harrassment?¿?, but Blocked instead.


civil engineers victor civil engineering ltd sittingbourne


I received a call from this company, despite being on the telephone preference service. They called asking for me and then rang off.


02548992250 went onto my answer m/c. No message left - just a noise like a baggage hall at full stretch.


blinds awnings and canopies solarflex blinds


Hung up when I answered. No idea who it was.


Just stayed silent

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