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got a text from 60077 cost me nearly £4! how do I stop this?


Do not take me more money from your account. If you do not stop this notification to the police




The bastards have me too through Tesco website, to say I'm furious is an understatement! Having trawled the Internet, it seems they've caught many thousands of unsuspecting Tesco customers. The company is and also known as SPTWO LTD. My carrier, Virgin doesn't want to know or help in anyway grrrrrrr! If I got mugged in the street the police would deal with the mugger, this is mugging by fecking text! I'm currently emailing all companies attached for a refund, they owe me £43!


60077 charged me £4.50 a text . Called this number to get a refund ( hopefully) Free Msg: All competition entries on this shortcode are now cancelled. No further messages will be sent. Any queries, just call Customer Services: 03301340183


The fraudsters got us this week. Lucky I noticed in time. However, why is the Government and/or Police not doing something to stop this blatant fraud. This company is evidently breaking the rules as reasonable people are being endlessly hoodwinked into subscribing to something by deception. This site shows 18,874 searches against this so called competition line. If each had a single charge before managing to stop the fraud then the company banked £84,933 as a minimum. Its an even bet that this number could


I received a text from 60077. “ FreeMsg Reminder: U are subscribed to the PrizeHook Gift Cards competition & £250k Draw for £4.50 per week until you send STOP to 60077. Help? 03301340183. “ I checked my mobile phone balance and saw £4.50 has been taken. I only topped up yesterday so I could see straight away how much was missing. I rang Tesco Mobile on 0345 301 4455 and after navigating through the various options I spoke to someone who said there was nothing they could do and advised me to call the number


I have tried texting STOP or STOP ALL but saying not delivered -they have been taking money every week for over a year. Three say they can do nothing. This has now run into hundreds of pounds


I have not subscribed 60077 and 87288 these all are scam


60077 have been taking £15 per month from my account. I have a Vodafone account and an Apple I -phone. I have been to both shops they claim to have stopped the number but the charges keep coming. I am distraught?




Text stop a very long time ago but still the texts keep coming I am now trying blocking the number. Other than that just delete and try not to let it ruin your mood.


Reply to the message with "STOP ALL" in capitals, this will stop the texts and charges but I never got my money back after complaining to every official body I could find, these scum must be making a fortune but apparently its not a crime. PLEASE WRITE TO YOUR MP FOR A CHANGE IN THE LAW!.


Get this!.. DVLA used this number to remind me my car tax is due. Are charged me £10 for the privilege!.. Spoke to Three and the lady phoned the company up whilst I was on the line and conferenced me in, the lady from the company told me what it was, offered to block the service and said she would send me a text message (!) so I could get a Post Office Refund for the £10.. Not received the text message yet, but it has only been 10 mins since I got off the phone.. we will see.


Stope all


Please stop this as it charging me a foutune!!


I received this after being on Tesco site and like all others they got me. I have rang them but texts keep on coming. I complained to Telephone preference service as this but nothing happened. Do not reply to their texts as they will take another £4:50 . Some legislation should be made to stop these people


I have been billed through virgin for numerous texts that I knew nothing about. I have payed my normal costs to virgin, but have refused to pay these thieves. I have also e.mailed them telling them I have no intention of paying them. However Virgin have not reinstated my service. I told virgin they must be party to the scam. I have stopped my direct debit to virgin. I I now await the outcome from these crooks


60 077 and 61 991 are the numbers that sent me a text which said tesco invited me to enter a competition to win £500. I thought it was for tesco so answered the question. I have been charged £4.50 for the past four weeks without realising until I got my bill. Tesco is my phone provider. Tesco has blocked the numbers but will not refund any money even thought the tesco brand name was used. Phonepayplus makes it difficult to complain. This is a serious scam and needs to be stopped legally.


My 16 yo daughter started getting these premium rate texts in July after clicking on something on Facebook. She blocked the number and didn't tell me. We now discover they've been charging us £4.75 every week. I am furious. Can't believe they can get away with such a scam. EE has now blocked premium numbers on her phone and I have texted stop and emailed the scammers SPTwo or prize hook demanding a refund. I will also report to ofcom. Think I will also contact the media as for sure a lot of people are being

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nuisance call


Had an email from whats app, they stated messages from that number are a hoax, and to block and delete it.


caller hung up


Asked for Christian. Advised that this wasn’t his number and they said that this was the number registered to his online account by him!


sick of this number


Huge phone call charges


Received a 2 calls in 2 minutes from this number answered 2nd one - caller hung up - been charged by TalkTalk for these to calls £2.11 each for less then 45secs per call!No idea who it is


cardif limo hire


said they were from bank saying amazon has charged me £60 for something. said had no idea what they were on about and they rang off.

Positive ratings


charities and voluntary organisations spina bifida & hydrocephalus association for - Cardiff


Halifax Bank


parmalat dairies (uk) ltd kendal


christopher wells leeds k business services


x9 internet burgess hill west sussex


happyskinserum orkney oki


charities and voluntary organisations 2care trading ltd (London)



Annoying ratings


Taylor's Estate Agent


Spoke to a very polite man who was enquiring into whether I had any upcoming works that Anglian Windows could quote me for, I explained I didn't have any thing for at least the next year and he excepted my answer and left me be, he wasn't aggressive or rud


We Fight Any Claim. Just a bloody nuisance.


Had a missed call. Called back and it was an automated message saying I had been selected for their prize drawer. Hung up straight away!


rings but no answer


Had a call from this number and another similar 0175939865 today but as I have call guard they have to announce who they are so they hang up I call the number back from another number and the message I get is “Sorry you have dialled an incorrect number “ appears to be a scammer beware.


Woman called who I couldn't understand and said it was ???????? consultants, asked her to repeat what she said because of her foreign accent and said she was "British" and told me to find my manners then cut me off. Similar number has rung 3 times recently ending in 0295 or 0136. Very annoying and extremely rude.


Progressive​ Alliance

Neutral ratings


Loan company but would not let me opt out


WWW.NETWORKRESEARCH.CO.UK They work on behalf of several companies such as TSB, Homebase, British Gas , Lloyds and the AA. Thy probably call for feedback on the service you may have used, apparently it says on their site they are research and not sales so it is not classed as cold calling?? I've had a number of missed calls from them so I think I'll just answer and get it out of the way. By the way I have no connection to them, looking at some of the responses some people have given I don't think it is very


computer systems and software international system walsall


I believe this is HMRC!! 19.36mins £11.36. This is disgraceful, called to get financial help and paid for the privilege of being told nothing is available to me!


Electrical Engineers and Contractors DND Ilford


police and support services devon & cornwall constabulary newton abbot


youth hostels kirkwall youth hostel


blinds, awnings and canopies hillarys blinds ltd immingham


frozen foods and freezer centres iceland foods plc paignton

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