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Bogus accident claim text message


financial services sector debt management


Boost Energy cold caller


Called me 3 times today. I live in the Netherlands. First time I answered and they told me they were from Microsoft. I hang up immediately. Didn't pick up the other two times they called.

Positive ratings


take away kwong ming - Caerphilly


chris haines hereford herefordshire


HSBC - requested callback


Private number

Annoying ratings


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 7520632xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with PPI claims, insurance marketing - all the same story. Just block it if not interested (


Consent phone calls if when asked not to phone again


I love you so much baby


Indian sounding, claims to be from International Telecom and promises cheaper telephone. After a discussion he admitted that I would need to change provider. not going there, so thanked him and hung up

Neutral ratings


Privilege Insurance, Leeds. Contact Us Was on the on-line application with open hours of: Mon-Fri 8am - 9pm Sat 9am - 5pm Sun 10am - 5pm


Lamination and Encapsulation Services - Wood Profile Laminators Ltd Harlow


Claimed to be vodafone, my last three bills have been an average of x so they will bring that down to y, but the new bill will be higher than x. No thanks! My bills are only high because vodafone keep over charging and i have to get them to refund it.


Nurseries and Creches The Leighs Nursery School Chelmsford

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