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Wanted to sell binary options. Instructed caller to remove me from their records in accordance with Data Protection Act & GDPR, caller said "I can't do that, it's not my job".


Extremely rude. When I asked to be removed from their database the guy got very argumentative and insisted I'd registered on their database so I should take the call. I put the phone down on him.


not sure who thye are but they also use different numbers this particular blocked on my mobile so they started calling on viber - will see if I can totally block them.


Nova Trade apparently not a s*x line which you would assume with all the verbal abuse you get. Promised to send me evidence that I signed up sadly it still hasn't arrived. I may give my phone to the clangers to answer in future.


I have been constantly bothered by this wretched bunch of scam scum for weeks. I have tried to be nice and gone down to being just plain rude. They use all of these numbers: 05603 063768, 01513 246677, 01513 240000, +1 647 134 0538 (USA), 01625 448083, 020 3256 5084, 020 3845 1500 and there are more! It is usually a woman with a Phillipino type accent and is initially very sweet but she can get very nasty and vile when you tell her she is a scam caller and you do not want to trade with her. If any of you ge


Called, said I signed up for their service, asked for money. Hung up and blocked.


Swore and made homophobic remarks


missed calls


Said was rick carter... rude person. Lot of back ground noise in office... keeps ringing


some virtual number scam


After som time I asked thme to remove my number from their database and never call me again. At which the Indian guy replied that if I pay them, they will do that.


Keeps ringing


Bunch of crooks called nova prades


This number, as with any other number that is not on my phone book is never answered! If you don't recognise the caller, don't answer. Simple. if it's important or a long lost relative, they will find some other way to contact you


It was already blocked. Thank you.


Ok,let’s find who sold our details to them.there are the some registered details after I start to use new phone number: Just eat(app) Hostinger(web server) Indeed (job hunting) Barclays(bank) And also other job hunting websites Please add some your registered details,I will report to New Data Protection Commissioner


How do I get their registered address? If they have phone numbers. They will have bills..what’s the address that BT write on the envelope when they post it to them?? Then we should all go down there and demonstrate until they cease trading! Even if they don’t - the publicity should be enough to alert other innocent people receiving unwarranted abuse in their own homes!


call center


Honestly I've never been so rude on the phone but even after I threatened to hurt the Philipino woman who repeatedly kept calling me she persisted in getting me to do business. I'm honestly horrified at how rude this "company" is. THey are liars who are driving me MAD.


Very pushy rude lady. I gave her a piece of my mind and hung up. I have received daily calls since which I don't answer. There wasting a lot more of their time than mine.


I used to get loads of calls from this number. I finally answered, let the guy ask me a few questions then he started on the sale pitch. That's when I put the phone down. Eventually they hung up. They called back the next day, so I did the same thing. This time I hung up after 3-4 minutes. He called me back and I explained that I'd asked to be removed from their call list, but they didn't listen so I was keen to waste their time as much as they were mine. Received a torrent of verbal abuse which I laughed o


They called me. I asked how they got my number and name and they said one of my friends who was trading! Called again another day, I said he had the wrong name ( he didn't) and he said that's what I was registered as! I told him I do not want to communicate, he was harassing me and my next move would be to report his illegal cold calling as I have the number and company name, to which he kept repeating "what's the company called then?" I didn't really know so I shouted at him to leave me alone and called hi


Scam - fake company wanting to sell you an online trading account


Lena Hendrix called me today re on line trading told her she rang me yesterday and that i was not interested to which she got all aggressive and called me " a F***ing shit" and hung up. Do not have anything to do with these losers !!


They keep calling from different numbers. I blocked about 10 numbers so far. No swearing, but very pushy, telling me that I am registered on their website, which I never did and offering me install a software on my PC for cryptomining or something like that. I have no idea how someone would do business with people like this and is this call centre worth the money they are paid. No one in their right mind will sing up for something like this. I keep getting calls, but just ignoring and blocking them.


Never got the name of the company, but it is at least once a day now - twice so far today. The woman last friday got quite aggressive demanding that I gave her a good reson why I didn't want to trade! Like the others, she said I have all your details, you signed up for an account. I have given up trying to reason or be polite!


liar claiming registered with them, didn't know when but it was at a british station! could barely speak English and totally incapable of understanding what was said to them


Have called twice a day several times a day, when I answered and asked who they were I was verbally abused and sworn at. Very aggressive female on the phone


The first caller was a woman who said she was from Nova Trade. She was very pushy and persistent, but rather polite. It took me a while to try persuade her that I was not interested in any opportunities. The next day another woman called. She was quite aggressive. Told me that I signed up for this account. I asked to remove my details but she would not listen. She said if i did not sign up, how would she have my details. After a long conversation somehow I managed to hang up. She would not remove me from th


Long story short. Total nobber - block the number.

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Not sure that this is actually HMRC its just Scam line. They get you to call via an email saying you have a refund due. Contact HMRC online only.


PPI claims


Aggressively tried to sell year old double glazing. Would not take no for an answer when arranging a house call by a salesman. Believed to be a company called NRG.


They said they where citizen advice


One ring then hung up


unsolicited call


Strange call, initially about debt then he got a bit silly


admiral car insurance. shouldnt be calling as it was just a search.

Positive ratings




Argos about my delivery


dutton little & co accountants southam cv47 0hn


stem software ltd tamworth


the upcoming lawyer troon


Annoying but genunie. selling gas and elecy


coventry flying school


captivating cuba twickenham supporting and auxilliary transport activities


Next customer services


pumpsets ltd andover manufacture of machinery and equipment nec

Annoying ratings


I keep getting calls from this number even three times per day. I use True Caller so all go straight to voicemail but they never leave any messages. Only problem is that I keep having to delete the messages from my voicemail now...


called twice today becoming a pest, should be abled to be shut down....


Trying to renew a protection plan on my washing machine that I do not have


'Your account has been restricted in order to safeguard your information. Please login to verify & update your account (then gives a url) Seems strange unsolicited so I'm not clicking on it!


Call centre, asked to speak to Karen, which is not my name (but my name starts with a K), then they hung up before I had chance to!


when i dont answer their questions i get abusive swearing just answer the questions they say you Fing twa-


Second call in two days answer but then get cut off


A call offering petrol voucher from a previous purchase of something unrelated. I terminated the call earl on, very annoyed.


The above number calls continuously claiming I have a large amount of PPI from a bank.. am sure this is bogus. Anyone else had calls.


A woman with a strong Asian sounding accent called this afternoon from what sounded like a noisy call centre. Our number is ex-directory and TPS registered so this was an unsolicited call. It was also the second call from this number this week so I suspect they're likely to call again. Asked for me by name and wanted to know whether I shop at Sainsburys under the pretence of carrying out a survey. I politely told her it's none of her business where I shop, thanked her for calling and told her I was going to

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local government mosshead primary school


local authority schools priory special school sale cheshire


Asian man said my debt has been referred ro them and i must pay as soon as possible! I asked which debt and can i have a copy of the agreement. He hang up.


veterinary surgeons a v birch mrcvs torquay


Voice message saying "you've dialled an incorrect number"


Computer consultants synergetic solutions ltd


Didn't answer call.have read comments.


dentists sheffield dental anaesthetic clinic sheffield


The number that showed on my caller ID was 1017 with no other numbers. The person sounded like he was from a foreign country. He said that something about my computer and Wind...


Harassing call at 0805 hrs claiming to be about Telephone Preference Service

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