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I had three calls from some Asian dude purporting to be from Citizens Advice I asked him to hold an put the phone next to a very very loud air horn and gave him a toot !!!!!!! nothing strange :-).I use the air horn frequently and it certainly do


THIS IS ANOTHER SCAM CALLER!Beware, they keep changing the number slightly to avoid Talk Talk block number service. Have reported call to TT.


annoying its a company regarding ppi


scanning i*iots

Positive ratings


take away valley kebab and indian takeaway southampton hampshire


verve trading ltd coventry wmd


regional blood services ltd york york



Annoying ratings


Picked up period then after a short silence an Asian male voice said I am calling from Amazing Services...How are you today? He then said one or two questions will take no more than one minute and asked me to confirm my address.I refused to confirm my addr


nd time in few weeks that I have had this number call . Checked number and arrived here scam!!!!


I received two calls Thurs 12/4/18 at 18.22 then again on Fri 13/4/18 at 13.11. Silent calls no answer so looks like being dialled from a computer. If this is Morrison Utility on behalf of an energy utility company as some other posts are indicating and is very likely correct, this amounts to some sort of harrassment. Energy companies are desperate to reach government targets by installing Smart meters so are what amounts to harrassing customers by letter, phone etc etc to get them installed. Don't bother!


This number called stating that they were carrying out a marketing survey. The were told that I do not answer questions over the phone.

Neutral ratings


Cant be EE or a call centre it’s a mobile number got one with a piercing scream just this morning


community centres west end community centre ashton-under-lyne lancashire


mixed crops whitemire farms ltd


Insurance telemarketing.

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