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Phone number: 0524242584

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While I was away working a call from Mexico...??,,,for heavens message left anyway..


Amazing ..!!...a call from Mexico...what a waste of bloody time...!.


!!! Mexico !!! - No message left. I am surprised? NOT!


The girl said she represented Microsoft, based in York St London.She tried to quote my computer licence#(incorrectly)and said that there was something seriously wrong which she would help me fix. There's nothing wrong with the computer but I suspect there might have been if she got her way! She even phoned back to try to convince me that she was genuine.

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Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
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Dangerous ratings


Received a call to our business line asking to speak to our accounts payable (foreign accent) claiming to be from Opus Energy, our energy suppliers. When I told him Opus Energy are not our energy suppliers he hung up straight away. BEWARE - obviously a sca


Just received 'You have requested to transfer your number to another device. This change will be made within 24 hrs. If you did not make this request please call 0902 394 1235' Scam


Received a letter today from John Stewart from "CIBC" claiming I could get an inheritance of 12.7 million USD. They must be very desperate in the lead up to crimbo because my last name isn't English and the so called long lost relative who passed away has English first name with my foreign last name. Definitely not real. Also his name is signed of as John but email address is Jon. Everyone please ignore. However I am concerned they have my address


keeps calling on average 5 times a day

Positive ratings


brian mckean associates ltd nottingham k business services


j and m murdoch and son ltd glasgow


harold thornber ltd - merchants Halifax


Insurance agents and companies eagle star insurance co ltd - Cardiff

Annoying ratings




cold call


I filled info on line about life insurance instead of receiving info to consider on line. This number continued ringing to about 9pm and have started again this a.m. I feel very annoyed and conned. If I had info I could make decision but feel they want to do a hard sell.

Neutral ratings


It is a genuine HSBC fraud detection number. They wanted to update me on a query I made a few months ago. I confirmed this was a legitimate number by contacting HSBC directly.




bakers waterfield warrington cheshire


general publishing country publications ltd eastbourne

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