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Phone number: 05151003

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The number was 005151003, our phone rung, when answered it hung up

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you won £500...


Easy for teens to get sucked into this , just saw son's mobile bill and added £!7.50 on top of his usual £12 !!!!!!!


This text number was in my scam messages and I never saw them until I got my phone bill I contacted 3 my mobile provider who blocked it for me instantly they were great and even gave me a 50% refund. I contacted the company this text came from ARTIQ who told me I had signed up for competition, not a chance I never do she said I had I refuted this completely then she wanted my bank details to refund, not a chance would I give a SCAMMER company bank details, the women insinuated to me I was liaring I was furi


nuisance call

Positive ratings


scotia edinburgh scotland


royal sun alliance general insurance belfast




inta xpress maidstone i communications

Annoying ratings


Silent Call 10:08am


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 2071934xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with robocalls, classical insurance marketing - "have you been in a car accident"


Received called trying to get me to purchase additional loft insulation, which we have recently done anyway. Explained this to the gentleman caller who was extremely persistent and tried to convince me that the materials in my loft were now obsolete and th

Neutral ratings


It is everyday loans what more do I need to say?


Estate Agents Amos Estates Benfleet


Called me today 16:56 18th October 2017. I was in a meeting so didn't answer. As per the above comments I'm also with Virgin Media but I don't know if it was them or a scam phishing call trying to get my details.


electrical engineers and contractors alplan electrical newton abbot

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