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Number of views : 11551718
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Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
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Dangerous ratings


annoying all the time


repetitive phoning every minute - why don't they just get a life - never answered around 20 calls in 30 mins left phone in the car - came back they gave up


calling in relation to PPI


Selling roof solar cells. Lied about prior communications. Extremely rude when I rejected "offer". Sounded London based.

Positive ratings


financial advisers elite financial planning services (London)


This is the number for Santander in Bognor Regis


archer export services sleaford


hmrc online vat

Annoying ratings


I had 4 missed calls, literally once every couple of hours. I answered the 5th and the lady said it was an opinion survey, I said I was busy right now so she hung up. She was very abrupt.


called back; debt recovery firm chasing someone I had never heard of and they thought phone number related to an entirely different address. They wanted my full name - I refused as the number I called from was the one they had so they could pull up the in


Called a landline number of mine that is used for a home office in Germany. Rang twice then stopped. No idea where they have my number from. I'm a UK expat and have been here for 21 years so I will program my router to block this number with immediate effect!

Neutral ratings


Consulting engineers core management services


1471 disclosed that 01202 294640 called my landline at 08.50am. Landline is registered with Telephone Preference Services!!! On attempting to return the call, I was informed tha...


Landscape Contractors Hagley Landscapes Romford


beauty saloons beauty works by jayne brighton

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