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First date of search 2018-07-06 10:31:29
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Short number makes me think it's a local call. No one was there but there was a lot of noise in the background so possibly a train station or airport. NOT calling back as I think it's a call back scam.




Caller with an Indian accent, claiming to be from "British Telecommunications". Previously had calls from this same man claiming to be from Microsoft. Cut him off as i know what happens next. They claim that they have detected viruses on your computer and to download a program, that gives them control over your computer.

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Dangerous ratings


Have no idea who this caller is.


telling me I have been in a car accident


told me he was from Sky - sounded very convincing at first - said card would expire shortly and a new box ( my box is only 2 months old) and card would be sent out, I got suspicious and asked him for a number I could call him back - lots of office type noise in the background. He just put the phone down. Scammer

Positive ratings


121lovecom dating london other service activities


guest houses albany guest house - Cardiff


village bathrooms bathroom planners and furnishers carshalton sm5 3ag


Home appliance guard

Annoying ratings


Had a recorded message from this number on Sunday night 8/7/18 about a green deal scheme. I only picked up my home phone because the number looked like a UK mobile. It was also flashing 'international' alternatively which made me suspicious. The 07840 part of the number made it look as though it belonged to the 02 network but according to Google the scammers are using soft wear to allow them to use fake land line and mobile numbers to make spoof calls via overseas call centres to hide their identity.


ringing 4 times a day just wont give up ringing me so I will tell them to f**k off when they do speak to me or I will ring them at 3 am when to see if they like it


Rang once at 2:53am, woke me up then stopped, it was a strange number so looked it up and was brought here.


Fast talking Indian accent offering refund.

Neutral ratings


Really nice to find this was a call from Argos to tell me about a delivery. I missed the call so called back and paid for it how expensive??? Argos make it clear about what the call charges are !!!


Company called motor investigation 53 keep calling me so answered it lady said we believe you have been involved in car accident? I asked her, who told that? Then I hang up. She rang again and left voice mail. She called me an idiot


Builders Sullivan & Sons Romford


one belled me...... cheeky tw*^#s

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