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Phone number: 04352535106

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Average rating (1-10) 0
Number of comments 0
First date of search 2018-07-05 06:46:42
Last search 2020-07-06 02:05:18
Number of searches 99
Number of reviews 0
Country Austria
Country code +43 (0043)
City Längenfeld
Directional local 5253 (05253)
Code 435253 (00435253)
Longitude | Latitude 51.1000000 | 6.9500000
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Dangerous ratings


Has called several times over the last 2 days. Tells me that I've spoken to them before regarding investments (can't remember that and this number only called in last 2 days). When I said that I wasn't interested, he kept talking over me. I ended up havi


What the fk telling me that I have a debt. wrong number m8. 2 minutes later they ring back. WRONG * NUMBER YOU T*T. 2 minutes later rang Me again right your number is getting reported and now your on the block list. 2 minutes later... silence and a ni


betrügerische Anrufe


This happened to me yesterday (13/10/2016) from someone saying they were microsoft approved operators from the USA. Spent 30 mins with the guy who told me to do as he asked or my computer would be blocked by the virus which had infected my computer. When he got to the point that he would have to pass me over to one of their senior technicians,and started talking about the cost of rectifying the solution, I got suspicious. I put the phone down and immediately changed passwords on my banking accounts. Beware,

Positive ratings


Positive number


cards and posters birthdays - Caerphilly


i t williams co ltd ruthin i communications


maiz dubois wembley middlesex

Annoying ratings


Nuisance call offering break to Barcelona. Said no


Answered and they hung up tried calling 2 rings then call ends looks like scam or selling


Did not text this number why is this allowed? I have been robbed.


Wow I too have just had a call from this woman. I have never been spoken to by someone that rude before. I told her the MD was in a meeting and she told me to put her on hold and tell him who was calling for him and that he would take the call I said I couldn't interrupt and she again told me but this swore at me She told me to "just do your bl**dy job and put me through" Then asked for my name I told her my name was Jackie and she slammed the phone down. I hope she calls again.......!

Neutral ratings


builders vernon docksey burton-on-trent


business consultants mackintosh independent ltd


Yet another silent calls wonder what they get out of doing this


Cold call wanting to know about my accident.

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