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annoying call


keine deutsche Sprache


They pretended that they were Microsoft and I had been hacked on my PC. I challenged them with, "How do you know? There are no symptoms on my PC. Why don't you email me? How do I know you are Microsoft? You don't even know my operating system!" They realized I was not going to be fooled and cut the call with no end greeting. Microsoft, not! Fake...


Have been getting random calls for the last few days from wales and Scotland on my mobile number which I have had for years. No messages left. I answered this one and it rang off. Although each number is different, I am pretty sure it is part of the same t

Positive ratings




Number called mobile and when did not answer house number which no one has except bank drs hospital turns out it was legit as i called back on way to bank anyway! Cards been cancelled and asked in bank to make sure was legit and that a text i recieved was

Annoying ratings


studio catalogue




year old sounding British man who asked me to pay for my pizza and give my address even though i didn’t order pizza... became aggressive when I didn’t give him any info

Neutral ratings


The paddies called, with the .... 'sound of silence ' .....which was totally pointless !!


What company is this number 02030070474


Comes up on my phone as a Seychelles telephone number


picture restoration gesbur studios southport merseyside

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