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Dangerous ratings


didnt answer did not recognise the code no message left thought it probably a scam




Gulab Ram


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 7098710xxx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with silent calls/testing robocalls, PPI - insurance marketing calls and energy companies of

Positive ratings


printing equipments - mech gibbons inks & coatings (London)


deja vu truro retail sale of clothing


margherita and b ltd london uk


coleford brick and tile cinderford d manufacturing

Annoying ratings


Indian man claiming to be from government agency and that I was owed £3000+ re PPI. Confirmed my name and address, which is not going to be hard to find, but nothing other than that. He wanted to give me a reference number because a courier would bring my cheque and I would need the number to claim the cheque. I said I wanted it sent in the post but apparently it doesn't work like that! Clearly a scam, so I kept him on the phone as long as I could just to stop him phoning anyone else, but lost my patience w


Keep leaving messages saying firms are preparing law suits against us, ring back to sort it out, 3 times in 24 hrs


Bristol Street Motors. Phoning with similar cars to the one I enquired about recently.

Neutral ratings


Man with Asian voice called from probably a call centre as I could hear other voices in the background. He said he wanted to do a survey and upon completion would never call me again. I said I am about to move house and my phone number would no longer appl


gggg and kkllll, just how are your posts supposed to be useful? The slightly changed expression 'will the poster get off the line?' seems appropriate. Mel, I wouldn�...


I have been ripped off so many times before i came across [email protected] .com as he helped save a dying soul and being ripped off...i appreciate you so much man and i promise to always talk about you to the world instead of them being victims anymore...for you guys information he does all hacking job ranging from texts, whats-app, phone calls monitoring of day to day activities, viber ,Instagram, grades just name it and it will be done Contact him Via..... Email: [email protected] .com Whatsapp


Who are these people does anyone now omg

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