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keeps on calling


MobiPlanet. Similar experience to a customer above. Only just seen the text and found MobIPlanet have billed £22.50. My provider (3) said they would refund charges but I will take all legal steps against this company as it will legitimately meet a definition of 'criminal' activity.


Complete scam,just had my bank account robbed,very convincing as BT support and investigation unit

Positive ratings


I love her


Czyj to numer


This is the number for Civil Service Pensions


Companies House helpline. Was very friendly and answered my question promptly

Annoying ratings


call from prank Criticising me using his WiFi. Pre-recorded message ignore, situated in Dumfies Scotland. Ignore....


Severn Trent Water but I don't live in that area


Blocked the number. Debt management recorded message.


7th July 10.44 I received a call from an unknown person (female with foreign accent) who wanted to check details of my phone, name and address. I was immediately suspicious at the start of the call when greeted with "and how are you today?" I regard this as a typical sales pitch intro. When I was asked if I was the man of the house responsible for all the bills, I responded by asking why was I being quizzed about these matters. The caller immediately hung up. AAM

Neutral ratings


Golf courses and clubs robin hiseman golf course design


places of worship all saints c of e church tunbridge wells


mortgage brokers equity management mortgage advisers oldham lancashire


Called at 3am, had phone on silent, thankfully

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