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claimed that he was from BT internet security departmentThe call had a second delay before he said anything


Scam call from very dodgy barclaycard. Easy to check with Braclaycard. Any positive comments here are by the scammer scum themselves trying to sow doubt !


virgin media

Positive ratings


Private number


melksham breakers and dismantlers melksham vehicle dismantlers


riley bros - menswear Halifax


Positive number

Annoying ratings


Constantly ringing my phone this number left no messages either would ignore this number definately!!


Similar to previous experiences - had a call from a man who had a very strange accent and he could not understand me half the time. Said he was from the City court in London, 137 Finchley Road, London (I asked for this), and they had a rather large cheque for me. Asked for my address, and eventually said that I would need to put £250 cash onto a Paysafe card, as 'they would never ask for my bank details', and this should be done today. I stated that I thought it was a scam and he said 'well, if you want to


27 calls in past three days all starting 252 keep blocking but they ring back on different end digits. Does not give time to answer calls.


No idea, claiming to be gmac however closed account fully paid last year ????

Neutral ratings




Aye after making a call this morning I received this automated survey to check on how satisfied I was. Everything went well with the original call and I answered the questions ...


no answer was a number from denmark


Financial Consultants Pitney Bowes Finance Plc Harlow

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