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Definitely NatWest - but still watch out for scammers faking the number


I got a voicemail from a blocked number saying it was Natwest and to ring this number back. I rang Natwest fraud line that I found online and it turns out some kind angel had found my card in the street and reported it stolen. This was Natwest trying to ge


Claims to be NatWest. Probably tried to get access to my account. Was very abusive


You have to ask yourself why people who didn’t have any problem with this number and claim Natwest really called them from it would bother to look the number up on ‘Who Called Me?’ and leave a comment!


Called today by someone claiming to be from my business bank (not NatWest or RBS) and they knew the bank and the name of my company. They said they had stopped a suspicious looking credit card transaction and wanted me to verify if I had made the transaction. They asked for phone numbers on the back of the credit card and roughly how much was in the account. They didn't ask for security info. I said I'd call them through the bank's number and got a name (Andrew Watson) and ref number. I called the bank who


Natwest card services - security and telephone banking services


Claimed to be Natwest. However, I got suspicious after they asked for online banking details. After hanging up I immediately called Natwest Fraud hotline and they confirmed they had not made any calls and would never ever ask for such details when THEY're


Nat West Bank


Had this number call . They advised they were NatWest. I believe it was them as they did advise they noticed I had been looking online for credit cards which I was and asked if I needed any more help. I haven’t called back as have no interest in a credit c


Female voice with indian/Pakistan accent. Poor English. Far as I am concerned. This was an attempted scam. Checked with NatWest. The number is theirs however they have no record of phoning today. Beware the number is a genuine NatWest number. However the scammers are spoofing the number. Be very cautiois and verify.


Do not fall for this scam please my sister just had a phone call from them and text messages pretending to be from Natwest and know very convincing details dont fall for it please!


Natwest bank


Claimed to be from Natwest and asked me to confirm my details at pm in the evening??? Yeah Right!!!


This is scammers. Just had a call from them. They tried to get my details. Spoke to Natwest afterwards. They re-route the call so the Natwest number shows up on the phone. Whenever Natwest call it will show “no number”


selling call


I was called by this number a few days ago, and incidentally I was actually in the branch. I suggested to the operative that they concentrated on dealing with customers in branch as at the time there was only one cashier and a huge queue. At this point t


I missed a call from this number however it said natwest so I called them back. Natwest advised that the call was not from them. I explained that the caller ID flagged has being natwest. He explain that scammers can also make calls and somehow pick up the


had 5 calls to my mobile in 5 minutes after I hung up the first one. Claimed to be Natwest but called me by my previous name, which was changed when I married 6 years ago. Claimed they were checking a possible fraudulent transaction. I hung up and called a


These fraudsters claimed to be Natwest they said that my on-line banking had been compromised.They asked me to put all my money into my current account and transfer it to a new account that they would set up for me. I was almost taken in by the call. Fortu


I have blocked this numbed


Genuine Natwest bank


Spoof scam Nat west Came up with this number, Called 3 times I didn’t reply and then text me to say my details had been been changed also had emails saying the same and to click on the links. I called the bank on another number who told me there had been no changes to my details and put me through to the fraud department. Who confirmed this was a scam. NatWests number will never show on a phone the number has been spoofed.


It’s a scam, NatWest numbers don’t appear on screen when they ring you. This number is inbound only, these scammers are just spoofing the number.


my bank calling at my reques


Missed a call from 0345 788 8444, I checked on here then called back from a land line. I was told that Natwest numbers do not show up on display so this call was almost certainly fraud


Scammers got shirty when called out.




Definitely NatWest. Had an appointment booked with them today and they just called me to remind me about it.


Had call form this number, checked with Natwest its not them calling as the number is inbound only. Do not answer scammes.


Said he was Tom Anderson from Natwest Fraud Team trying to stop a suspicious direct debit recently set up to Mohammed Khan for £250.00. Gave me my name, address, account, sort code and security question with answer. I said I'd call back and asked f

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silent call


three trying to sell me a new phone


It said goodbye when answered. Some kind of scam I guess.


Accident claim *


insurance sales


had a missed call from this number, called it back and voice message said it was from some finance company.


Scam. Claimed to be BT Openreach calling about problem on my router. When I said that this seemed like yet another Indian call centre scam he called me stupid and hung up.


Message asks me to call this number because data is being stolen from my windows files :) wait a minute! I am using iMac!

Positive ratings


itai palti london xx


accountants the caravan camping & leisure exhibition (wales) ltd - Cardiff


platform x ltd computer systems and software halesowen b63 3hy


Vanquis helpline


grey nickel ltd dunblane stirling


sherif mourad richmond london




Positive number


nick guyton norwich norfolk


ascending parachutes ltd folkestone recreational, cultural and sporting activities

Annoying ratings


Savers club


Man saying his name was Mike Williams alleged he was calling from BT about a problem with our computer. When told not to phone again, he replied he would call ‘again and again’. Scammers are getting cheekier.


Caller hung up when I answered. Blocked the number


Called about a accident claim but they dont the date of the açcident or either car regerstration do not answer.


4 calls now from this firm, they are all obnoxious and arrogant, they clearly know they are doing something wrong all they care about is getting the sale. There are vulnerable people who may fall for this it needs to be stopped.


Silent call


Called and asked me if I was (Giving Sons name). I said I didn't know him so they took it they had a wrong number. Put the number into my CPR call blocker.. My son has had a number of these calls and he just gives then non connittal answers. He had a similar call this morning and I suspect that, following his non committal answers and hangin up after a minute telling them their time was up, they passed his details elsewhere.


5 calls in 2 days. Put the phone down when I enquired who they were.


Since I won but went UN Paid in full a massive Lottery Jackpot 7yrs ago I was mysteriously IP Geolocated to CARDIFF which is apparently the source of this Missed Call. Within a few months of NOT being Paid out I had Cardiff NHS and Cardiff Audi phoning me.


asking if I play euromillion

Neutral ratings


no idea who, showed as missed call on mobile but it did not even ring had phone on me at time.


This person Ben stating all of the above and that be wanted to post an add of the crime prevention magazine for £195 which I found very fishy. I asked him to forward me an email and link to this website and he bluntly said they do not send emails.


mixed crops n r gammie




caravan transport and towing n y recovery ltd sevenoaks


Employment Agencies and Consultants National Schizophrenia Fellowship Ilford


local authority schools walsall metropolitan borough council walsall


commercial vehicles metrocab (uk) plc tamworth


The recorded voice supposedly delivering the SMS message only spoke to give the message envelope and not the sms message text. It tells me to press 1 to hear the message but when 1 pressed it repeats the envelope. Yes a GDFU.


Mixed crops susan siwecki

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