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Thank you all who commented about thus scammers, I nearly replied and then who knows what would happen


Scammers got shirty when called out.


Caller pretends to be from NatWest fraud team using cloned number. They try to get you to transfer all your funds to new accounts because of a fraud on your account


You have to ask yourself why people who didn’t have any problem with this number and claim Natwest really called them from it would bother to look the number up on ‘Who Called Me?’ and leave a comment!


Just had call from this number, didnt answer, but he left a message. said he was from Natwest. then i had a txt msg from bank stating that they had been in touch and gave numbers and email to contact them. I rang the branch, not the number and they clarified that it was them.


Spoof scam Nat west Came up with this number, Called 3 times I didn’t reply and then text me to say my details had been been changed also had emails saying the same and to click on the links. I called the bank on another number who told me there had been no changes to my details and put me through to the fraud department. Who confirmed this was a scam. NatWests number will never show on a phone the number has been spoofed.


Fraudsters and Beware. NatWest might have that number, fraudsters have too, not sure how. If you get a call from that number, hang up and call NatWest with their other number.


Said he was Tom Anderson from Natwest Fraud Team trying to stop a suspicious direct debit recently set up to Mohammed Khan for £250.00. Gave me my name, address, account, sort code and security question with answer. I said I'd call back and asked f


Natwest enquiring about my knowledge of local bank closure and whether I knew I could pay cheques into a post office as the bank was closing.


don't answer


selling call


Claimed to be Natwest. However, I got suspicious after they asked for online banking details. After hanging up I immediately called Natwest Fraud hotline and they confirmed they had not made any calls and would never ever ask for such details when THEY're




I don't have any Nat West associations. 8.40PM on Sunday they ring 10 times as I have to decline.


Missed called. Checked here. Rang Natwest from another number. They confirmed I had not been contacted and not to give out any details.


Silent call


These fraudsters claimed to be Natwest they said that my on-line banking had been compromised.They asked me to put all my money into my current account and transfer it to a new account that they would set up for me. I was almost taken in by the call. Fortu


Definitely NatWest - but still watch out for scammers faking the number


I was called by this number a few days ago, and incidentally I was actually in the branch. I suggested to the operative that they concentrated on dealing with customers in branch as at the time there was only one cashier and a huge queue. At this point t


Guy called me yesterday saying he was from RBS asking if I had made a payment to Carphone warehouse. Said he would send a verification code for me to confirm he was speaking to the correct person. (I hung up) Rang again today, asked the same question so i said yes and said I had bought a new phone. Again he sent me a verification number and I read back a made up 6 digit number. After some pause and stuttering he said thanks and good-bye. What a total [email protected]


Female voice with indian/Pakistan accent. Poor English. Far as I am concerned. This was an attempted scam. Checked with NatWest. The number is theirs however they have no record of phoning today. Beware the number is a genuine NatWest number. However the scammers are spoofing the number. Be very cautiois and verify.


I missed a call from this number however it said natwest so I called them back. Natwest advised that the call was not from them. I explained that the caller ID flagged has being natwest. He explain that scammers can also make calls and somehow pick up the


Nat West Bank


Had call form this number, checked with Natwest its not them calling as the number is inbound only. Do not answer scammes.


Missed a call from 0345 788 8444, I checked on here then called back from a land line. I was told that Natwest numbers do not show up on display so this call was almost certainly fraud


Called just now. Very professional British English voice, exactly like from Natwest. Told there is suspicious activity. Asked to validate transactions, asked to go through security details after some time. I phoned fraud team, they told it is not them and there is no suspension activity on account. So they are spoofing numbers. Beware all.


I got a voicemail from a blocked number saying it was Natwest and to ring this number back. I rang Natwest fraud line that I found online and it turns out some kind angel had found my card in the street and reported it stolen. This was Natwest trying to ge


Definitely NatWest. Had an appointment booked with them today and they just called me to remind me about it.


It is NOT NatWest, hang up immediately, then call NatWest fraud team. Do NOT disclose any personal info.


Do not fall for this scam please my sister just had a phone call from them and text messages pretending to be from Natwest and know very convincing details dont fall for it please!

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Showing call from Papua New Guinea has to a scam


This is what I got - Of Investigation. This message has been sent to you as a final notification against your case with the Department of tax and crime investigation right now. Your physical address is under investigation, and an arrest warrant has been issued under your name for further queries, and resolving this case contact the below number of the tax and crime investigation department. +515-404-600-2381. I repeat +515-404-600-2381. Thank you. If you wish to speak with our executive, then press one no


o2 but not o2. don't answer


Someone saying they were from HMRC asking me to Press 1 to speak to caseworker. very scary


block block block


tell you won a prise


It's Redstar with a new number.



Positive ratings


Private number


j s m school of motoring driving schools birmingham b33 9hh


Callback to confirm recent change






fastaglass birmingham west midlands


Private number


This is HSBC collection centre- perfectly OK, not a scam


walker newton torquay architectural and engineering activities and relat


soho pr london k business services

Annoying ratings


This number keeps calling, nuisance.


Another one of those that seems to be voice triggered. I now assume these are auto-diallers. I didn't say anything, the line stays quiet and after a few seconds disconnects.


I am registered with TPS - they just ignore it.


She said (in the classic scammer type voice) this is the Crime Prevention Agency ... then went into one about MY company and is it doing well? ... she then swapped gears and went with the old spiel of trying to sell advert space in a magazine ... I then said "there ya go" ... I said bye and hung up ... Crime Prevention Agency, hahaha ... oh the irony.


Asian man rabbiting on wanting confirmation of my address and wanted to ask me 2 questions..refused to awnser any questions until he told me why he was calling my ex directory number protected supposedly by the telephone preferences service, he was insistent..I told him to “ piss off” and that did it. Phone down no further calls.


Uk Government Tax helpline


Spam call about debts


When I answered they hung up,


EE team, polite and helpful


told me I was one of the lucky people to win £

Neutral ratings


Asked for Sky account holder - trying to sell additional "warranty"


fishing and angling halton angleing supplies widnes cheshire


personal life insurance - talking complete nonsense/lying about tax implications of life insurance


I dont know who it is how they get my number


electrical engineers and contractors jones,laurie, gillingham




sportswear dans-ez international ltd broadstairs


Rang briefly . No message left. Assume another scam call so blocked.


They just hung up!


Did not answer the call, as I did not recognise the number. Two minutes later I had a message that I had a voicenail. When I rang 121, I got through only to hear absolutely nothing.

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