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Rings then cuts off without leaving message




Gentleman from HSBC Fraud department called to advise suspected fraudulent payment. Wanted to make alterations to my computer. Refused and he got very frustrated. Was a scam call


This number is a scam, asking for my HSBC bank details claiming I had been subjected to fraud. She kept stuttering and made a mistake by saying the amount queired come out of my account evey month which I informed her it didnt and she hung up the phone.Hop


bank calling me back as requested


HSBC credit card helpline


Called me to say there was a fraudulent payment from my account I wasn’t sure as had few such calls in the past Told them I appreciate it but I would like to call the bank myself to verify and he happily agreed Either it was genuine or he is very good at pretending but turned out the latter


Scammer pretending to be Hsbc fraud prevention team.


Number matches that on the back of HSBC debit cards


Got a call yesterday saying it was from HSBC and asuspicipus transaction was being made from my account. I rang HSBC his morning and said they did not make a call yesterday so it was a scammer and said they would never ask for your bank details over the phone. NEVER your personal details hang up and ring your bank to get it checked.


03457404404 phoned my mobile number, said it was a courtesy call and asked me to confirm the first line of my address and date of birth. He refused to say why he was calling until I had done this. I refused so he said he would put a note on my account with a previous verified number for me to phone them back. I refused, said I would go into my local branch and put phone down. Glad I didn't give any info. Sounded genuine enough but there's no reason for the bank to call me and too many scams about so I was s


HSBC telephone banking


Just had this number call me after a no caller Id I answered claiming to be fraud protection at HSBC, stating someone was attempting to take £600 out my account, they asked me to confirm my address but I told them the one they had said was wrong, I said I


HSBC is a con merchant ..Dont forget they sponsor Terrorists and fund Arms dealers that sell to isis and others...Criminal Bank scum.


HSBC Bank advice centre


Claiming to be HSBC, yet fishing for info. Do not trust


A genuine HSBC number - hijacked by scammers. I didn't realise this could happen. Now, reading up on this - I realise this is a thing. I've recently had fraud on my account, so I believed the person who rang me. He had a London accent with a hint of something else (Eastern European?). Was in a call centre. He already seemed to know so much - I thought it was genuine, because of the number. I gave too many details away. Said my security details had been compromised, and that they needed to be reset. I've had


Do not answer, It's true HSBC recognised this number but they will ask for your personal details and HSBC will not do that!!!!! SO be careful not to share any personal code/password or anything else with them because a real HSBC operator does NOT need to ask you any of them


They called and had detail of a genuine HSBC account. However, we didn't believe they were actually from HSBC and challenged them. They got verbally abusive and I put the phone down. The number is HSBC but obviously not. Now blocked but this seems to be widespread abuse of a real number and they have loads of account holders details. Why have HSBC etc not been able to deal with this scam?


Google has this number logged as "Ealing Broadway shopping centre" yet people are claiming it to be HSBC Bank... I'll steer clear, sounds like a dodgy outfit.


A man called me from this number saying he was from HSBC and that I had a standing order for about £120 which they were not sure was a genuine order from me. When I told him that I had not agreed to this standing order and it should be cancelled he said he needed me to go through some security to verify he was speaking to the right person to be able to cancel it. He said he needed my date of birth and my password. I gave him my date of birth but was suspicious and checked this number which did say it was HS


Threatened to cut off my Internet. Not with BT so knew was scam. BUT IT'S A VALID NUMBER FOR HSBC. how can this happen?


03457404404... This number called me i didnt answer i came to this website have it to be genuine number for hsbc but more than likely a scam


I have reported to HSBC - I don't have an account with them, but was phoned from this number. I was told it was the banking fraud department about £1900 online shopping.


HSBC's phone number




Claiming to be HSBC, yet fishing for info. Do not trust


HSBC Telephone Banking. There's a lot of scaremongering about scammers hijacking HSBC's telephone banking number. Seriously?! :-) If they had the technology to do that, do you think they'd waste time on your personal bank account? While I find these websites useful on occasions, the levels of paranoia demonstrated here are extraordinary and potentially harmful. What if it was the HSBC Fraud Team calling about an unusual pattern of transactions on your account? Following the advice of many of the visitors he


hsbc telephone banking.


HSBC helpline.

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automated call.kt


recorded message about my heating


All the same story everywhere, again just another telemarketing call with the hearing injury claims, Have you ever worked in a heavy industry... No I haven't, but according to their records .. :). Not interested, blocking it.


some sort of scam


Won't reply when you ask who's calling


Said I was in an accident when I wasn't. Told him that I wasn't involved in one and he hung up


Capquest debt collectors, still calling even after it was proven in court that the debt was cleared when ppi was settled. Disgraceful company.


It comes up as a uk number. A lady in a sexy voice started off immediately saying “Hi I’ve been waiting for your call. It’s been so long since we t-“ and it disconnected. Most probably some kind of scam to get you to call back.


"We have been trying to contact you regarding all your delayed flights since 2012. You are owed£540 each, per flight". I do not fly!!

Positive ratings


Private number


danzas air and ocean manchester


SSE Engineer to install our Smart Meter


cromwell scientific huntingdon cambridgeshire


j h t group leeds d manufacturing


jennifer keane sale sale


home care services everycare (southampton) ltd southampton hampshire


DHL Delivery


milfords cardiff k business services


fisher hoggarth market harborough

Annoying ratings


housing benefit


Firma zarabia na usługach opcji binarnych.


Called five times within five minutes today from this number, claiming to be Rajit from a company called XoX Ray. Some sort of accident scam. Threatened to call the police and he still persisted to harass me. Had to take my phone off the hook to prevent hi


Scam number. I answered the phone and a woman child like voice asked if i had been involved in an accident. I said no and asked her to remove my number form their call list. she asked what accident I had been involved in, I told her she was obligated to st


Calling at 8.10am! Very irritated!


automated message left on phone when I was out , thought it was scam so ignored - but whats in it for them if you ring back? Has anyone rung back and spoken to them?


Virgin media, phoning every day


when i lifted the receiver they stayed on line but did not answer which meant i could not use my phone until they rang off nasty


Caller with foreign accent said he was calling from Talktalk.


Told me I had won something

Neutral ratings


mixed crops d skelton retford


garages - repair and modification halfords service centre


It's not a safe call, as this number cannot be found in LLoyds bank website.


Just got a missed call


07551 448483


post office services new waltham post office grimsby


It's not a UK number (not enough digits).


interior designers and furnishers martin stuart decoration ltd sheffield


musical instruments and sheet music newingtons musinc centre tunbridge wells


According to EE, e-mail [email protected] or 'phone 03303 326290.

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