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This number calls my house about times a day, claiming they want to upgrade my computer/phones.


A genuine HSBC number - hijacked by scammers. I didn't realise this could happen. Now, reading up on this - I realise this is a thing. I've recently had fraud on my account, so I believed the person who rang me. He had a London accent with a hint of something else (Eastern European?). Was in a call centre. He already seemed to know so much - I thought it was genuine, because of the number. I gave too many details away. Said my security details had been compromised, and that they needed to be reset. I've had


04... This number called me i didnt answer i came to this website have it to be genuine number for hsbc but more than likely a scam


bank calling me back as requested


I asked why they were calling. Caller said he couldn't tell me that without me answering security questions. I am very unsure and believe this was phishing


Indian call centre pretending to be BT offering to fix my broadband at no cost. Lying, thieving b****ards!


Just had this number call me after a no caller Id I answered claiming to be fraud protection at HSBC, stating someone was attempting to take £600 out my account, they asked me to confirm my address but I told them the one they had said was wrong, I said I


They called and had detail of a genuine HSBC account. However, we didn't believe they were actually from HSBC and challenged them. They got verbally abusive and I put the phone down. The number is HSBC but obviously not. Now blocked but this seems to be widespread abuse of a real number and they have loads of account holders details. Why have HSBC etc not been able to deal with this scam?


I have reported to HSBC - I don't have an account with them, but was phoned from this number. I was told it was the banking fraud department about £1900 online shopping.


HSBC's phone number


HSBC telephone banking


03457404404... This number called me i didnt answer i came to this website have it to be genuine number for hsbc but more than likely a scam


Claiming to be HSBC, yet fishing for info. Do not trust


Gentleman from HSBC Fraud department called to advise suspected fraudulent payment. Wanted to make alterations to my computer. Refused and he got very frustrated. Was a scam call


it is hsbcs number but i had a call today supposed to be from hsbc fraud team,but told me all calls will be recorded told me my own bank card number,and new all my passwords,and my name and dob etc,became very agitated when my secure keyring flatlined,and


Called me to say there was a fraudulent payment from my account I wasn’t sure as had few such calls in the past Told them I appreciate it but I would like to call the bank myself to verify and he happily agreed Either it was genuine or he is very good at pretending but turned out the latter


Google has this number logged as "Ealing Broadway shopping centre" yet people are claiming it to be HSBC Bank... I'll steer clear, sounds like a dodgy outfit.


Scammer pretending to be Hsbc fraud prevention team.


Claimed to be HSBC told me about fraudaulant transactions could i confirm, asked a few questions when I asked one back they put me on hold then hung up.


Claiming to be HSBC, yet fishing for info. Do not trust


This number is a scam, asking for my HSBC bank details claiming I had been subjected to fraud. She kept stuttering and made a mistake by saying the amount queired come out of my account evey month which I informed her it didnt and she hung up the phone.Hop


HSBC helpline.


HSBC Bank advice centre


HSBC credit card helpline


Threatened to cut off my Internet. Not with BT so knew was scam. BUT IT'S A VALID NUMBER FOR HSBC. how can this happen?


Received call (Man with British-European accent) from this number few minutes ago claiming to be hsbc regarding general enquiries. Asking for my personal details but I refused to give then he hanged up


A man called me from this number saying he was from HSBC and that I had a standing order for about £120 which they were not sure was a genuine order from me. When I told him that I had not agreed to this standing order and it should be cancelled he said he needed me to go through some security to verify he was speaking to the right person to be able to cancel it. He said he needed my date of birth and my password. I gave him my date of birth but was suspicious and checked this number which did say it was HS


Got a call yesterday saying it was from HSBC and asuspicipus transaction was being made from my account. I rang HSBC his morning and said they did not make a call yesterday so it was a scammer and said they would never ask for your bank details over the phone. NEVER your personal details hang up and ring your bank to get it checked.


Man who claimed he worked for hsbc ringing as a 'courtesy call'. Then wanted security info to go through my account status. Have been told by hsbc in the past they will not ring out of the blue/randomly. Seemed like a scam.

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To many calls even if I dont answer


I think this may be a scam am I right?


selling windows


I never worked as self employment. Never ever. I dont know with whom you might understood me.


nervt dauernd


This number has been suspended on the request of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. If you have been affected by this number phone ActionFraud 40 or online at


rings then when you answer no one there


pain in the ****


Telling me I had a car accident which I havent Rang me all week told them at the start to take me off the database


accident apparently

Positive ratings


take away lucky fish bar (London)


disability and special needs pia - Cardiff


baird and co glenrothes other business activities


violet and luna ltd macclesfield cheshire


joshua griffith huntingdon huntingdon


coole consultants ltd bushey herefordshire


genesis communications manchester


TSB credit cards


Positive number

Annoying ratings


Junk call.


Everytime I answer they hang up


Stop calling me


Phone calls 7-8 times daily with no one answering! !!!!!


Called then hung up


some woman speaking bad English wanting to do a survey. I said I no sorry I don't do surveys, she replied that they were only yes/no answers, I told her like you I dont know what the word no means. She continued to talk over me and asked a question but I just kept quiet until she eventually hung up...probably some sort of scammer?


Bloody Pests, block them or they constantly call.


They have said they have reviewed my acc don't have one deleted it is a scam


Number from Tonga. I have had them call three times a day. I never answer. Also get the same number but ending 83, or 87. All from Tonga, ignore.

Neutral ratings


Pis sin me off all day every day with answer message that says ring now wtf


This person Ben stating all of the above and that be wanted to post an add of the crime prevention magazine for £195 which I found very fishy. I asked him to forward me an email and link to this website and he bluntly said they do not send emails.


Same message, 11th February 2018. The unique ID was 7LS3M6, the same as some of the others. The call was from 07702 035 085. Claimed I had won £495,000 and asked for name, address and Telephone number. I ignored it.


Apparently it's which trusted trader , I rang them back


Called me at 07:47 this morning 27th Nov 17 but I didn't get to the call on time I 1471 d the number and called it back and got through to Lloyds bank who knew nothing about the call or number


Stained glass concept glass & mirrors


libraries - book eyemouth library


called me about car accident....i refused to give any information....they said they are dvla....and will cancel my insurance.


theatre companies foxtrot theatre co


airlines portugalia airlines crawley

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