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keeps calling me saying to call them back Carot dont know of them but you cant block number as they still get through


Cabot finance.


CABOT financial


Text message says: David Laird could you please call Cabot on 65 with your reference 33715091Never heard of this name or Cabot. Just going to ignore and from what I read hear just a scam trying to get me to ring a premium rate number.


Text message with wrong name and reference number. Not calling them!


got a text asking me to respond to this number with a reference number. blocked them instead.


02 03 2017 Texts ask Richard Millward to phone Cabot. im not him. Im not gonna ring them. Im gonna block them.


Random text asking to call that number! ????????????


I'm not sure but maybe I owe them will call after work.


Unsolicited SMS from this number, I have no dealings with cabot. SMS content anonymised for reference: Vi???? J?????, could you please call Cabot on 03445560265 with your reference 330587xx


Text message received asking me to contact after receiving my letter - I haven't sent a letter :(


This is a Cabot Finance number....they are a debt collection agency fishing for your money.


65 Cabot or whatever they wanna call them simple stupidly selfish scammers they need leave people alone sending me text telling me my next payment is due soon yeah right like I have already made a payment to u (CABOT MATE!)(NOT!!!!!!!) always try to target


Haven't a clue who they are - why are they texting me?


I keep getting text messages to call Cabot on this number with a reference number quoted in the texts. I don't know who Cabot is and I have no Intention of calling them. If they can text asking me to call why can't they text to let me know what they want!!! I will block this number


I just phoned these as they sent a text message with somebody's name on asking to contact them with a reference number. I let them know that this isn't me and definitely got the wrong number the guy said he would remove the number from there list and said that this number would have been a recycled number whatever that means but I assured him I've only just took the contract out with Vodafone and that there's no way somebody else would of had this number I've even contacted Vodafone who backed me up and sai


It is a scam but the thing that annoying is how did they get my mobile number think I will change my number ????????


text asking for personel details


Got a call from these people now a tex i have no debt and dont no how they got my name and number us this a scam


They are a spurious debt collecting company, meaning they try to manipulate the time barred debt rule, for the moment they are regulated by the FCA .Avoid!! Do not contact them, they will use the engage rule and try and sue you for a debt you do not owe.TH


02 03 2017 Texts ask Richard Millward to phone Cabot. Im not gonna ring them. Im gonna block them.


Same as others; text to a name that's not me asking me to call - blocking number. Annoying


Similar numbers 34455602xx are already reported here with Cabot Financial, PPI - probably this one is the same case, same call centre? I don't answer unknown numbers and they left no message. Have missed calls from them on my mobile, was trying to dig some info on the internet before calling them back, but found nothing, no luck. People pls did someone answer this number, who is it?


Keep getting below texts: “Adam s Hunt we wrote to you recently regarding an available offer please call Cabot on 03445560265 with your reference 34649091” Texting from: ****+44 7811 293795‬ ****+44 7790 550107‬


These morons have been calling and texting me for over months. They want to go through security details even though I have never spoken to them. They text constantly about me getting in contact and quoting a ref number. They say they have sent letters to


Keep texting for someone else's name from Cabot...blocked this number every time it texts but still get is on my tablet so not even a phone number that I use....!!!! *ING ME OFF ????


Cabot .. Pita !!!


Got a text similar to others, Blocked it and moved on

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rings several times a day no talking just hangs up.


Information Commissioners Office can't take any action unless we report these calls. This site won't let me post a link so Google them! (It only takes a few seconds to report them)


After I block their number, they always ring me on different ones. I have so many blocked for them. Theyre so annoying! The last voicemail I had from them was a woman telling me to call this number (08081781324). I think thats so rude! To just tell me to ring a number without telling me who she is, where shes from and why she wants me to call her. They are the only company who call me and they always say they are calling on behalf of a provider im with first. Sometimes even providers im not with! It needs t


Keep ringing, same person. Same firm 'Car Saver' Uses locational numbers such as 01803 461 493, 01323 362674 or 01355 701797 Harassment and spam calling


Stoke-on-Trent? Just another telemarketing company, insurance business (selling solar energy )


silent call



2890305242 ringing about 4 times per day.. Now blocked


nuisance scam


Phishing scam - automated message saying that my TalkTalk internet connection will be terminated, to remain connected press 1 ……. This is the dangerous part, they want you to respond to their options and by doing so they will hack your phone...etc.....etc..... calls like this are dangerous because they play on your mind, don't be fooled, your internet supplier will never communicate with you in this way.

Positive ratings


banks hsbc bank plc waterlooville hampshire


o'dude cheshire


international craft and hobby fair ltd highcliffe dorset


fold housing association housing associations and societies downpatrick county down


shaun moo selby yorkshire


leeds welding co ltd leeds


pass it on film brighton n a


02 phone company




Positive number

Annoying ratings


Someone saying I may be eligible for compensation


Has called both my work and my daughters number numerous times, when I tried to call back it's dead.


Direct Line checking my address -why?


A lot of rubbish then a word I new, Its on its way to junk mail.


Do not answer! spam call about car accident (FAKE!!)


Looks like a mobile phone used for unsolicited calls about computer hardware recycling.


RAC Insurance


Carphone warehouse? Or so they say please just leave me alone and GO AWAY.


Said it was about a previous car accident claim and I had £4000 waiting for me to claim .... I blocked it as I have had no accident for over 10 years !!

Neutral ratings


private clinics dtekt ltd brighton


Keeps calling me don't know who it is


Called briefly, hung up after rings


This phone number is from the Energy Helpline, a trustworthy organisation in the mold of "uswitch" who help you find the cheapest energy plan and initiate the switch f...


furniture - general parrot pine co


got a call from them today. its an advisor working for Trade Skills You. weird that they use a mobile number


mobile rings when answered know one there


Insurance Brokers C M I Personal Brokers Ltd. Leigh-on-Sea


clairvoyants and palmists moodmakers


Auto dealers wylies ltd

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