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Phone number: 03334001020

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 1
First date of search 2018-05-25 15:28:01
Last search 2020-10-21 07:58:20
Number of searches 127
Number of reviews 1
Country France
Country code +33 (0033)
City Northeast France
Directional local 3 (03)
Code 333 (00333)
Remarks This number is secure

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Didn't say a word


As below, some stupid Asian woman telling me I'd be disconnected & to press 1 on keypad to connect with BT (?) Obv scam then she hung up. Why on earth cannot our beloved "BT" do something about these callers & close them down - surely they must know but, no doubt, they're earning money from them & 'money talks' so they just can't be bothered ? Is that right ?


said they were preparing a lawsuit against me


injury claims

Positive ratings


shaun graham bookmakers bookmakers armagh county armagh


none findron dundee city


I want to know where to locate this number


paul phillips dorchester dorset

Annoying ratings


Keep phoning have answered the questions and have asked them to take me off their lists but keep calling


I called them back. Answering machine says you were called today by Media Match. The call was not important and they will try again.


Indian or Asian caller. Asked for me by my nickname (?!!) so they had done some research which is unusual. When I asked who was calling they hung up on me. Guess they were just surveying the potential scam market...TIP: Never say anything like yes or no. J


Creepy Man?

Neutral ratings


theatres and concert halls forced entertainment ltd sheffield


I answered and received a recorded message saying that it was a call from the Co-operative Bank for [my name] and to press 1 to continue. I do bank with the Co-op but didn't press 1 as I wasn't expecting a call and certainly not one where there wasn't an actual human from the get go! If it's important, they can email me or ring without the command to press 1.


Catering Equipments Acme Catering & Bar Equipment Co Woodford Green


Rings to say this is about your windows computer/laptop

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