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Indian sounding lady saying was from BT wanted to check internet connection - I was far from polite as in middle of work


Has called twice today. The first call was a very poor line and caller had a very strong accent. Couldn’t work out what they wanted. The only thing I could understand was that she was trying to tell me my internet was not safe and secure. Have contacted BT


Indian sounding guy saying he was calling from British Telecom asking to run tests on my pc , was told to get lost


Two calls from this number (2nd and 3rd October). Indian sounding lady and man claiming to be from BT technical department claiming there were problems with our internet connection. I said we did not use BT broadband and that we were members of telephone p


Called claiming to be from BT asking if I am the main user of internet, when I asked why he was calling he went silent so I put the phone down. The start of the call had the usual few seconds of silence followed by a click before he spoke that you seem to


Scam call trying to get me to run things on my PC claiming to the from the British Telecom


Had a call from this no today indian sounding gentleman, said he was calling regarding my BT Internet. I made out I could not hear him on the line and said hello a couple of times, he repeated himself a couple of times and said F off quietly times and hun


Called for the third time today noiw blocked !


When I answered the phone a man was talking to someone else in an Indian type language. I hung up.


called claiming to be from my internet provider, asked if I am main user of computer, told them to go away, and i hung up, blocked them!

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concept car credit


25/9/2017. Real voice--male, English--said he was from "GER". "We're checking up on---blah blah blah...." something about energy. Manifestly bogus--probably selling insulation. We rang off. I rang the number this morning, no one picked up. We are on the TPS--fat lot of use it is. When will the so-called authorities DO something about this sort of scum? Don't make me laugh






constant calling. driving me nuts!


Texting STOP to this number was a chargeable text - not included in my unlimited bundle!


Don't answer... They called me twice without voice Fake!

Positive ratings


caravan parks madeley's caravan park - Abergele


outhouse group limited gosport hampshire


web app services limited bristol


Private number


metlex nuneaton

Annoying ratings


Call was from sky enterprise saying that I had , had a recent accident . I said no I have not and humble up . This firm needs shutting down and fined for cold calling .


A396502AN571 calld my landline. Very persistant male caller saying I was due a bank refund for charges I had paid.. I said I had never paid bank charges and he became quite aggressive so I hung up and barred the number.


All as above...told me I would get a letter about getting money back on my credit card. When I asked them what my address was I was stunned that they knew. Not worth wasting your time talking to these parasites.


Stayed quiet for a while, then there was sounds of a busy office/call center no further voice, call dropped 10 secs later


Survey call block it!


when you ring back it says voice marketing on behalf of plus net


Answererd call nobody there

Neutral ratings


heating equipments william may (ashton) ltd. Ashton-under-lyne lancashire


called at 5.01 same indian voice is that you I replied is that you he hung up recognise the voice


Yellow Pages, calling from Belfast ref advertising.


local authority schools education otherwise than at school blackburn lancashire


‭+248 642 06 49‬ Called me today as well rang only 3 rings and hung up


Recruitment company Ronin


This is indeed a switchboard number from business park in Portsmouth. I won't rate it safe, is it could be both legitimate and a nuisance call. If you call the switchboard management, and they might be able to tell you who it was, if you tell them the time and a number called.

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