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SCAMMERS pretending to be british telecom threatening to cut off your internet . pre recorded voice with button press options " THIS IS A SCAM " just hang up.


BT internet services , going to cut off my broadband ! I'm not with BT


Scammer saying internet to be disconnecred


Asian women said my talk talk broadband would be disconnected today and press 1 to resolve it hung up and blocked number obvious scam


Not answered


Claimed to be BT and internet service was being disconnected


As below, some stupid Asian woman telling me I'd be disconnected & to press 1 on keypad to connect with BT (?) Obv scam then she hung up. Why on earth cannot our beloved "BT" do something about these callers & close them down - surely they must know but, no doubt, they're earning money from them & 'money talks' so they just can't be bothered ? Is that right ?


Telephone number 02679582341 just called me. Threatening to close down my internet. I chose option 1 and spoke in an Android voice asking for their number as their call was illegal and I wanted to call the police. The young gentleman then said I should F*uck off! Gotta laff, eh? And this is fraud. It is illegal.


Claimed to be BT. Said my Internet connection would be closed down today. Shame on BT for not doing something about these sorts of calls.


Called by this number at 14:50 15/6/18. Caller let me answer, announce our company name and immediately said, "Hello xxxx, f*** off," and hung up on me. Don't understand the point of the call - unless it's a scam to get you to call back to get number (if you haven't got caller display like me) and they then can charge a premium price for your call back?


Claimed to be BT. A woman with strong Indian / Pakistani accent saying people from foreign countries were using my internet connection without my knowledge. Would I press some buttons on my PC keyboard and tell her what I see. I said, "it says the caller is trying to scam you". She hung up.

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Alas I have also been scammed it cost me £50 for a 17 minute call whilst looking for working at home how can these people get away with it! I am gutted when money is so short in any event.


Credit card money claim back


Annoying caller keeps ringing on different numbers looked number up and it's about accident calls you where never in


Unbelievable. .just realised this was happening to me.. I do not have any recollection or phone history showing any involvement with them but they have been charging me £15 a month for 4 months before I realised something was afoot ! Texted stop and phoned them 01567 380029 to stop the payments and I have raised a investigation with them.. Also O2 have given me the details for phonepayPlus to raise a complaint : 0300 30 300 20, who appear to be some kind of Ombudsmam.... Also will write to Watchdog (BBC TV)


called landline 4pm picked up quick nothing . can't these w***kers take hints. think all scam numbers should be reported to phone companies and they should stop them .NOW BLOCKED


sick of this *


Call centre chasing PPI claims


silent no answer

Positive ratings


e g assessing claim assessors east grinstead rh19 3dy




Santander Select account services


adam bull london middlesex




very nice person, wrong number




ordren rye east sussex

Annoying ratings


no idea who it is


A man with strong Indian accent called from c.p.s. backed by the u.k government to block nuisance calls knew our name address and post code. Then told me there was no charge for this and put me through to his supervisor who also had a strong Indian accent he confirmed what his colleague had said and told me that they were backed by u.k. government and there would be no monthly charge. When I enquired further was told a one off payment of £29 was all that was required and within one to two hours c.p.s. would


Ballee High School phone number however Ballee High School has been shut down for a few years


Keeps calling at least three times a day and it's incredibly annoying. Doesn't answer when picked up.


No idea who phoned


Shows up as giffgaff provider number, but no one talks


Had a call from this number earlier today, all i could make out was a scottish accent saying 'which one of yous dont know how to flush the toilet after you've had a shite, disgusting' blocked and reported.



Neutral ratings


Someone named Daniel Poor english. Said he worked for the geek company I use. Wanted to sell m me new software.


charity shops help the aged mexborough


road haulage paul mathew transport ltd littlehampton


window replacement technol


Another number being used for the Microsoft scam. A much clearer line than usual


My phone rang once then caller hung up. Guinia Bissau is the area code. Getting quite a few calls like this lately


Just rang and call went on to our answer machine, they just hung up without leaving any message.


Don’t waste your breath talking to these people. Put the phone down on them immediately or if you are so minded, tell them to **** off . . . they’ll get the idea. Block the n...


veterinary surgeons c h & s murray tunbridge wells

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