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Said they were from Microsoft and suggested I had a problem. I said that i would look into it and put the phone down.


Said they were from Microsoft. They have no reason to call me so have blocked the number


Purporting to be from Microsoft. Indian voice. Blocked the call


Scammers with Indian accent but British names, tell you they're from Microsoft (they're lying). They'll ask you to run assoc state the CLSID for ZFSendToTarget is your Window's license - it is NOT. They'll tell you to run netstat and state there's "foreign" IP address attacking your computer, they'll then ask you to run eventvwr to tell you there's errors (this is not unusual), then they'll ask you to type "inf files on my computer" (or similar) to try to convince you INF mean infected (it does not). They t

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I was called yesterday and today by "Linda" who said she was from Sky Refunds department. Very heavily accented lady, she asked for my date of birth, then gave my correct address and land line number. To get the #220.00 that Sky owe me I would have to hand over my debit card numbers. I asked how the #220.00 was accrued, and she explained that Sky had only just discovered a major problem in their billing department which was now being corrected. She hung up when I informed her that I have never paid any moni


PPI claim people


operatore di trading


scam callers

Positive ratings


Atos PiP good


bank calling me back as requested


sjt technology limited gateshead


jrp carbon derby derbyshire

Annoying ratings


strange japanese sounding woman who was pleased to receive my call even though they rang me. Have received two calls in last two days from this number and also 02482 680009


ppi clam


First call was from 0800 4049401 they must be using multiple numbers and now I have had 3 calls from these PIAs!


Very annoying cold calling scammers should be fined for harassment

Neutral ratings


Consultants and Specialists Cosmeceuticals Ltd. Basildon


Snooker, Billiards and Pool Barkingside Snooker Club Ltd. Ilford


Said it was important and that he wa calling on behalf of n power. As I use southern electric and this guy used my first name I have ignored it


Called me twice today within 15 mins, did not answer as answering machine cut in. They did not leave a message!!! Checked this site and it seems they are cold calling, this is a great site, thanks

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