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Scammers with Indian accent but British names, tell you they're from Microsoft (they're lying). They'll ask you to run assoc state the CLSID for ZFSendToTarget is your Window's license - it is NOT. They'll tell you to run netstat and state there's "foreign" IP address attacking your computer, they'll then ask you to run eventvwr to tell you there's errors (this is not unusual), then they'll ask you to type "inf files on my computer" (or similar) to try to convince you INF mean infected (it does not). They t


Said they were from Microsoft and suggested I had a problem. I said that i would look into it and put the phone down.


Said they were from Microsoft. They have no reason to call me so have blocked the number


Purporting to be from Microsoft. Indian voice. Blocked the call

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Shared cost number. You'll be charged for the call if you pick up.


They texted saying they have info regarding my PPI claim wich I never did.


People please did someone answer it? No idea who is behind, no message left on my phone, just few missed calls. Probably some robocaller testing if my number is working? I usually don't answer unknown numbers, was trying to dig some info on internet but no luck so far. Some idea who is behind this number?

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Walsall Housing Group


take away sarad take away southampton hampshire




Car rental whites car and van rental - Llanelli

Annoying ratings


They have called 3 times this morning saying they are from the telephone management service to stop nuisance calls. Do not get into conversation with them hang up.


BT representative threatens to cut you off and asks you if you know why, I told them to crack on as Im not even with BT :-)


I had a call in May this year who talked me into paying £65 for them to explore why they think I am paying too much council tax.I have spoken to 2 very nice ladies and they seemed genuine and I agreed for them to investigate I then asked if they could send my payment back but She said they would send me the form to sign as it was likely I would get a reassessment and refund.. Just a few weeks later got the letter saying it wasn’t successful. I am 82 years old living alone,I used to be in sales for over 29 y

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Lowell debt collectors, dont ignore them, just speak to them


It was missed call on my cell phone


want to know who called


These are scammers pretending to be EE or Orange Do not bother just tell them to #uck off

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