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Number of views : 9338557
Hits today : 18957
Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


compare energy


don't answer


Have I ever considered having my urine checked? No, are you taking the p*s love.


Line for shared costs, there are more similar numbers reported (just last 2 or 3 digits alternated) - so I assume this should be the same call centre. This seems to be some good working money trap, similar numbers are reported as a scam offers (in most cases some financial offers). For sure some general call centre. I recommend to block the whole 84528674xx range... Did someone answer any number of this range?

Positive ratings


ed speakman carmarthen carmarthenshire



redhill sheffield sheffield


phase 1 clinical trials unit ltd

Annoying ratings


Silent calls


91 - national windows recycling scheme keep calling but do not take any notice of pressing 9 to be removed from calling list


give them loads of false details. Then block. Waste their time. I hate ambulance chasers.


Repeated calls from this and similar numbers from marketing call centres. Now only ever answer the phone if I know the number.

Neutral ratings


Industrial injury spam calls


Company called motor investigation 53 keep calling me so answered it lady said we believe you have been involved in car accident? I asked her, who told that? Then I hang up. She rang again and left voice mail. She called me an idiot


Rang out for a short interval then they hung up. Can't say who it is as they didn't give me time to answer. Assuming on the fact its been searched for a fare few times on here. Probably time wasting like the rest of the random phone calls lately. Don't call these numbers back, if you don't know the number don't answer. If it is important they will call you back. You risk overseas charges if you do make the mistake to return the call. Terrible we can't just answer the phone anymore without all these scam art


plumbing and heating d birtles plumbing & heating sheffield

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