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Phone number: 02476422777

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 10
Number of comments 2
First date of search 2018-07-14 20:09:04
Last search 2020-06-03 11:40:59
Number of searches 20
Number of reviews 2
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City Coventry
Directional local 24 (024)
Code 4424 (004424)
Longitude | Latitude 52.4063929 | -1.5158125
City population 388271
Remarks This number is secure

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p m c partitioning partitions and cubicles coventry cv4 9hf


pmc sliding & folding partitions partitions and cubicles coventry cv4 9hs

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Number of comments : 2339132
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Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


Wanted the old tenant who moved 1 year ago and didn’t believe I wasn’t her then tried to say the were from a company doing my phone line and that it didn’t matter that I’m not her because they cover the line in my house. They never at any point said they were from sky (they said something else I have never heard of) then tried to say they wanted to reduce my bill and I said to then you are not my service provider and they said we have control over all of them - I then just decided to


got charged over £30 for 8 minutes to tax office and never got through to speak to anyone 09040120096 disgraceful


As soon as you pick up, it hangs up. Usually you will be tempted to call back but pls don't!!!!!!


Apparent life insurance. Press a number and then cut off

Positive ratings




devizes insurance devizes act auxilliary financial intermediation


snapyimg telford shropshire

Annoying ratings


I have been paying to Muchgossip Buongiomo site since 2013 without me signing up to it. Had to get EE/TMobile to block all 3rd party access to my account today, I recieved an EMail alleging that I had accepted a free trial. Was offered £3.00 compensation refund via PayPal. insulting. Will be taking this through to trading standards and whoever else I can think of. Major scam. Must be illegal!


07860041746 Has been harassing me for three weeks now Leoslots, I could not find the number to block until I looked at the history and found 53675687 so I blocked that number I hope it works


Claiming to be from BT, suggesting problems with broadband.


Apparently I have won £....

Neutral ratings


Alleged coms provider outside of UK asking to speak to Peter Brown. Sorry no such here for 10 years and I am first and only ever occupant. Many other numbers also ask fo...


got called on my mobile from this number. it immediately went on block as soon as i realised it was a nuisance call.


Did not leave a message


Broadcasting Services Action Video Services Ltd. Hornchurch

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