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Don't answer calls from this number. Yet another caller saying they are from BT --- they are not. Once before I fell for the story given by these evil people and they installed ransomware on my computer!!! For your own sake -- don't anwer but if you do, hang up quickly.


Asian accent male called today 0930 and said from BT regarding outside attempts to access my internet. I put the phone down and He rang back!!! Went on about being from BT and there being a problem. Was very insistent until I told him he was getting no information from me and not to call back.


Called me today and said it was BT internet security. He sounded foreign. We are not with BT. He hung up when i told him i am on the TPS list. All in all felt dodgy.


Indian accent, claims BT service compromised.


Similar experience to the previous comments. They called me twice today, quite persistent and keen to confirm they were from BT giving me various 'security IDs'. In the end I said I would call BT back to confirm their call. BT had no record of contacting me today!


Called me today. Said that seven ip addresses from outside the uk were using my internet and that it had been compromised. He asked me to write down the address he said he was calling from, BT head office and with a very strong Asian accent said his name was Kevin Smith. He warned me to give him details of my internet. I hung up.

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41 indian chap was saying my sky card would run out in 10 days he knew my name and address please beware this is a scam question all unknown callers and tell them cold calling is illegal and if they want to send a letter do so and you can throw in bin they


Usual call and attempt to get me to provide personal information, today. You'd think that BT might be interested ( as they claim to be from BT ) and close this number and chase these scammers - they must know who is the owner of this number and who is paying for it so why don't they do something about it ??


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Annoying ratings


Scam, don't call it back either as it will likely body you a significant amount


Spam call bout a car accident claiming to be solicitors (i never had a car accident)


Seems to be used for some telemarketing call center - this range of numbers 17845128xx (common feature, they use more numbers of the same range) is mostly reported with car accident, injury claims, PPI. Just block it if not interested (I use the app from these pages, no problems). People did they call you with the same or something new?


This number has tried to reach me 5 times in one day, too far number blocked


I get roughly one call each day from this number, no-one ever speaks.

Neutral ratings


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