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Lady very very poor English.Couldn't understand her but she did say something about a technician.She hung up as I was having none of her lies.


Asian bloke in callcentre claimed to be BT technical dept. talked about hackers on my router - strung him along until he got shirty, asked me if I was winding him up and that he had others to call if I wasn't interested - asked him again if he was from BT then told him he was a lying f... scumbag trying to scam people and he hung up


No one there again.


Scam call from BT tech support. BT don't call you.


Asian lady called saying was from BT technical department saying there was an issue with my internet connection. I asked her to repeat the company name which she did. I then asked her for her location, she hung up. Was clearly a scam. Don'tbe fooled by the company names!


Had a call from 02158963214 claiming to be from BT customer service and that they had detected hackers on my Internet. Then wanted me to go to the post office to send money. When I asked if they thought I was stupid, they hung up.


Third (at least) all from this number in two-three days. This time there was the noise of a call centre until I gave my name, at which point the caller hung up and the "unobtainable" tone cut in. Previous calls all claim to be from BT - I'm not a BT customer - "but your service provider depends on BT" - so I usually hang up at that point; my internet security software is extensive and up to date.


this company is getting really annoying


Asian sounding woman claiming to be from BT's technical department. Problem is, we're with a completely different provider!


02158963214. 11.00 am. Asian sounding guy - said his name was Oliver (!). Trying to claim my router was sending loads of spam from my IP address. Told him to email me if he knows so much and the phone went dead.


Scam call. Blocked.




Same as all the others. Asian man telling me that he was from BT & that we were having problems with our internet connections & he would help sort them out. Not had problems. Suggested he e-mailed us, then blocked his number by dialing 1572 & following instructions.


Asian bloke with poor English claiming to be from BT Technical Dept and he was getting warnings from my router but could help me fix it! Really....?


Daily calls claiming to be from BT wanting to remove a virus from my computer


Just had a call from this number. A man calling himself David Parker from BT's technical department at their headquarters. Said they were going to disconnect our internet because our router was sending them warning signs others were trying to use it. He claimed to be a trchnician and if I have a device he can show me. I told him to get a proper job and stop trying to con people out of money or put viruses on their devices then hung up.


A con lady purportedly from BT "technology support" saying there are hackers attempting to use our IP address... complete (sounds like) rowlocks and told her so...


Just had same number call told them I wanted off there menu , number 6 fooking the chef , 69 wan king the boss and 100 fukin scam guess what the phone went dead ,


Just dial 1572 and follow the instructions on call blocking.

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I received a text purporting from to be from Whats App which I don't have in my phone telling me that I have asked to have my phone number to moved to another device and to call the number if I hadn't requested this change. Luckily I didn't have another credit on my mobile to make the call!




nuisance call


0121 3182 199. Assholes. These idiots should be under investigation. A memorandum has been made. I will decide what else to do.


let them waffle about how they are representing UK government scheme to reduce debt by 40%, then advised I don't have any debt and was answered "Well why are you wasting my time!" before hanging up.


insurance claim con



Positive ratings


Positive number


blagg and johnson ltd newark


For me it was a reminder of a planned bank appointment.


xao ltd london london


imperial waterproofing systems ltd braintree erection of roof covering and frames




cottam motor co ltd - garages - repair and modification Bradford


حسن وفيق حسن

Annoying ratings


No answer when I picked up this call


Keep calling, very rude.


85 - I called them back to hear a recording that it was Assist Law Limited and the recording told me to call another number. That number suggested that I leave my name, address and telephone number to be removed from their list. How ridiculous. Clearly som


Text STOP to 60696 this will stop the text and 4.50 charges. I was charged 4 times for texts I never received! I think they are called Uquizia Sevices. 17/01/2017


No response when call answered


Received call from this number in Texas, USA. No message left, and no other caller ID information provided.


Regular calls from this number asking for someone else who used to own this number.....


They rang and said it was HMRC when i said your not your a scam they hung up fed up with with type of calls the phone companys should put an end to them


This number should be a landline from Halifax - I haven't found any ratings for this number somewhere else on internet resources, which should be a good sign... Does someone have some experience with this one? Was trying also different formats of this numb

Neutral ratings


Went to answer phone, silence!


Getting text messages from this number with verification codes of Airbnb and Microsoft.




Rang mobile at 12:55, I didn't answer and no message was left. Came up as Reading and I don't have any connection to Reading. Very similar numbers often ring saying I've been in an accident, always one digit different though.


garages - repair and modification oakbank auto engineers oldham lancashire


sports clubs boroughmuir rugby football club ltd


This number has called on numerous occasions but I just let it ring out. If I don't recognise a number I don't answer it. My thinking is that If they need to speak to me they will leave a message.


+1(011)924-6586 - no idea, it is an overseas number, several calls from this number


house clearance the house clearance co seaford

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