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Phone number: 02086173382

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 5
Number of comments 30
First date of search 2018-05-05 13:30:13
Last search 2020-08-10 09:04:22
Number of searches 542
Number of reviews 30
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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call centre


Called every day for a month calls are blocked. Call twice yesterday I will never answer an 020 number till I have checked who it is. My phone is now out of contract so carphone does make sence


Called advising he was calling from the loyalty team for carphone warehouse. calling to offer deals I couldn't get in store or online through car phone warehouse as my contract was "over due" which isn't the case.. my contract is due to end next month. Very Pushy. Said out right from the beginning of the call i wasn't making any decisions yet that i was waiting until next month. Actually sighed LOUDLY when I was forced repeated myself for the 6th time that I wasn't making any decision over the phone because


telemarketer ANNOYING!!


I am receiveing this call almost every day stating, they are calling feom carphone warehouse. As my contract is aboit to finish, they want to give me good deal, as i am not interested in any telephonic advertisement, i block the number.


I said hello they hung up so number now blocked and if it was carphone warehouse then they can sod off as if I want to hear from them I'll call them


It's seems car phone warehouse has called judging by these comments...never answer it ... now blocked it !!!






called me times


FIRSTLY CARPHONE WAREHOUSE DO NOT CALL YOU FOR UPGRADES!!! Guy called David "Claiming" he's from Carphone Warehouse which is completely untrue. He claimed I was still paying for my device and tried discussing upgrades. Told him to piss off and get a real job SCAMMERS!!


It was the Carphone Warehouse Loyalty Team. I was due an upgrade in 3 weeks time and the phone and the deal they offered me sounded just right for me. They threw in a car charger, a screen cover and phone case. It was all delivered exactly as described, so I took the unopened box and the paperwork into my local Carphone Warehouse who confirmed it was indeed their company and that there was no way they could improve on the deal I had struck by going in store. So I am pleased.


I was called by this number because i had searched for phone upgrade deals on carphone warehouse. From the details i inputted they followed up. Helpful if a little pushy for the sale.


Calls me 3-4 times a day. Have not answered it


trying continuously to sell mobile phone contract


This call is carphone Wear house just leting you know know for a upgrade but I don’t Arnser it any way I know I need my upgraded.


cpw mobile


Mobiles. Co. Uk


no idea who it is as they keep hanging up when I answer. Assume its carphone warehouse just by the comments on this site and the fact that I AM due an upgrade


Carphone Warhouse


keep calling


Carphone warehouse. Went online to see about upgrades with contract ending soon. They have called 8 times through the day but no message left. When you ring back on this number you get a recorded message directing you to another number. Spoke to customer service who said it was the 'sales team' and they can't stop them from ringing.


Carphone warehouse


company keeps ringing from different 0208 numbers


Carphone warehouse upgrades, called me when i was on the phone to them already haha


This number calls me at least 4/5 times a day


carphone warehouse. Trying to sell upgrades, but good points i) reminded me my phone's coming out of contract ii) didn't push at all when I said I wasn't interested, very polite.


car phone warehouse trying to give me an upgrade i suspect. they have already messaged me and i am going direct to EE not them.


Confused by the comments here! If it’s a company CarPhone WH have passed my details onto then surely that breakdown the new GDPR rules and regs as I always make sure I mark “No” on the sharing details option? Needless to say I was skeptical and refused to give out any details, she kept asking me to confirm details under data protection but if she’s called me anyway then I shouldn’t have to. What is worrying is that she had my first name and knew that I had recently changed my contract, but didn’t know that


Car phone warehouse about upgrade. average 6 calls a day when i answer get hung up on and once was called a f...... c... then hung up on. Done upgrade with ee direct. blocked number and put a complaint in . Lost a business customer which has over 70 phone contracts.

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Dangerous ratings


this company rings everyday two or three times. ask for my husband they ring my mobile and they say they cant discuss call due to data protection. in which i reply its my mobile phone and i cant put him on the phone. they said said thats fine we will ring


rings off after i ring


time wasters


British gas trying to win me bk




Raaaaa just leave me alone.


no one answers


I didn't phone this number. I don't know what this was. Still don't


Asked about loft insulation, offered a check on my current fibre glass insulation to check it hadn't caused problems. Asked If I were in tomorrow as they were seeing some of my neighbours, when I said No they hung up.


text received, as per previous comment. i'm about to block this particular number and i would like to find out where they got my contact details, shout very loudly at the data source then have all data related to me permanently sodding deleted!! i am completely fed up with the barrage of calls and texts from companies trying to dupe me into doing something i am NOT going to do!! rant over :-)

Positive ratings


thehorizonnetwork devizes wiltshire


alm wholesale limited haverhill suffolk


beaconhouse school system london


n a liverpool other


Calling to let me know an account was being set up (as expected).


electrical goods manway electrical distributors ltd - Caerphilly


broadcasting services cynhyrchiadau boomerang ltd - Cardiff


Positive number


haven consult rochester ken

Annoying ratings


Claiming about a no-fault accident. Hung up when I asked when it was


Rings then cuts off without leaving message


Called before numbers asking personel identity hung up


Euro Millions scam - automated call


This outfit have been hard selling products to my elderly grandmother for the past 6 months and by the looks of things they have been selling her details on to very similar unscrupulous companies. She has had a direct debit set up for cover that she has no idea what it is for, but because the sales people were slick and pretended they had spoken to her before she stupidly trusted them and now she has lost hundreds of pounds. Hang up the phone to these people!!! This is a scam!!!


Vodafone director's office, responding to complaint


Now Blocked - asked to be removed, still getting calls!!!


Asian chap calls and asks to speak to Emily, unfortunaly im a bloke called Dave so they hang up! Just continuous calls, real pain. At least there was a number this time.

Neutral ratings


glaziers t m b builders & decorators whitstable


sherwin Williams Bridgetown


butchers traffords butchers wigan lancashire


charities and voluntary organisations the stroke association eastbourne


driving schools vertex school of motoring gillingham


I had a letter to say change from post office account to my bank. I called and gave them my bank details. It has changed over so how is this a scam. Wouldn't they have cleared my account and I would still have the money in my post office.i am worried now reading all the comments


breakdown and recovery broken down hove


I assumed this was Anglian after a potential quote request.I was called 5 times over 1 day, plus when I rung back I was informed that this number may not be part of my free minutes.


buses and coaches 1st pizza direct


auto body repairs i s car body repairs sevenoaks

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