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Phone number: 02080892669

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 4
Number of comments 2
First date of search 2018-05-05 13:24:03
Last search 2020-06-03 12:39:21
Number of searches 500
Number of reviews 2
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks This number is neutral.

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Some financial service - got aggressive when I asked to be removed from their system


This number seems to be used by some call centre - I can see very similar numbers reported, all the same range 20808926xx just with last digits different. A common thing - telemarketing mostly uses a range of similar numbers. This one is mostly reported with financial services, trading online, Binary Options. Just block it or block the range, I have been using the mobile application from these pages, works fine, no problems. Blocked it, but people pls did someone answer this number, same case or something d

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Number of views : 11552171
Hits today : 21759
Number of comments : 2339132
Positive ratings : 1236128
Neutral ratings : 622841
Annoying ratings : 97608
Dangerous ratings : 382555

Dangerous ratings


Claiming to be from BT and told me that my internet have some issues.I asked for their name and addresses, and they hanged up. (I don't have BT internet)


Recorded message




answered then they hung up

Positive ratings


regent palace hotel


Building surveyors povall flood & wilson - Cardiff


bromsgrove lawnmowers ltd lawnmowers and garden machinery bromsgrove b60 3ap

Annoying ratings




86444 calls every day with 2 text messages, this is to my landline! I have kept deleting the message but it keeps calling.


Called, asked for me by name. I asked who was calling, then kept calling my name like a child.


Telemarketing. Using a Dunfermline area code but not calling from there. Wtf?

Neutral ratings


double glazing securite window systems ltd sheffield


Supposedly a BTorder thanks for your order, i have placed no orders with BT, though my mobile is EE and as Bt are taking over EE it would not surprise me that i will start getting stupid text messages. Still i will ignore


Call centre with background chatter. I never answered and they rang off without announcing who they were


Calls received over the last few days from people claiming to be from some sort of life style organisation, called something like "Savers Club". Unable to hear exactly what they are, as the calls are from people with Asian accents, sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. The callers suggest it would be to my advantage to answer their questions and are somewhat insistent. I have consistently refused to indulge with them, but they keep calling.

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