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Number of comments 30
First date of search 2018-05-05 08:27:09
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Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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They are still attempting to scam me after numerous times of telling them not to call me.


These people called me this week and i stupidly believed they knew about my policy. DD info already cancelled plus they will be getting a severe earful come Monday morning. Please make sure you speak to D&G and change your marketing flags on their system. That is potentially why people are getting these calls. GDPR - waste of time as companies already found loopholes!!


I had a call ther other evening. Asking if I need my washing machine policy to carry on Did not think anything of it told them to carry on Then on Friday I had the proper renewal from domestic and general Telephoned this company and told them they were scammers Telephoned the bank to cancell this direct debit How can we get this company sorted out How did they get our details I phoned domestic and general and told what was happening and made them aware of what was going on Bridget smith


domestic assure gaurd tried to con me by saying that they could offer me cover on my washing machine for £67 a year fully covered for repairs and unlimited call outs if i paid the 3yrs up front OF £199 and cancel my d and g policy their operators are good


Had a call recently to inform me there was a reduction this year on my washer insurance. I believed it was under manufacturer warranty anyway and we never normally go for 3rd party insurance on this type of thing anyway. I asked if we had any payment history with them (Domestic Assure Guard) and was told yes. We don't. Still, if they want to waste my time then I will waste theirs. Paperwork arrived today and I have just put the cancellation call in. The next call will be to my bank to explain the situation.


Hi had a call this afternoon about a washing machine. They hung up as soon as I confirmed to have a washing machine at the address. I Rang the number back surprise surprise number was invalid. 0203847827


spoke to Douglas once , regarding his scams he really is a nasty piece of work, tried turning it around on me !! Don't touch with a barge pole!!!!


SCAM! Stupidly handed over my bank details. Next minute I get a phone call from 020 3813 4869 saying I had insufficient funds in my bank. I said to the guy that I wanted to cancel the policy anyway. He said, Ok then. BYE. then hung up on me.


My experience was exactly the same. Domestic Assure Guard. They called my husband while I was at work telling him he had a policy that needed renewing. He has a dementia diagnosis, his confusion must have been apparent and they still sold him washing machi


We assumed they were Domestic and General (who we've had policy with for years) as they knew our dishwasher cover was about to expire. Gave them bank details and renewed. Thought it was strange as it felt fishy. Phoned Domestic and General who said it wasn't them so now we are covered by two companies. Now trying to get some money back from Domestic Assure. Shouldn't have given bank details but they knew about our machine so convincing.


Insurance scammers. Told them to fuck off and still they persisted. Know they will call back. Got my old referee whistle ready to let them have full blast down the phone.


Just been scammed like others by a woman calling herself Shannon. She caught me at a wrong moment telling me that my policy could be renewed for three years at a reduced rate of £229. Because she seemed to have most of the correct details I went along with it. Very brazen, told me that although it was a different name from D&G they had been insuring me for the past three years, had been spun get the picture. Would send letter of confirmation, etc. The telephone number for 14 day cancellation doesn


Called my elderly mother telling her that her washing machine insurance was up for renewal. She hasn’t got any insurance. They sold her a policy for a year at £69 a month & took £199 from her bankJust trying to cancel the policy


I thought it was D&G who called, it was when I checked expiry date of current policy I realised it was a scam. I shall have to pay £ cancellation fee. Is this company registered with the FCA?


02036378435 (did a 1471) rang about expiring washing machine cover. Knew what I paid, offered £199 for 3 years. asked about bank details and in a clever way, suggested details were different. Paid, got contract, got suspicious. Cancelleded


Don’t give them details. It’s a scam


24/11Initially thought they were Domestic & General but soon realised that this could be a bogus call as they stated that our policy had been transferred from D&G to them. I took telephone number and the name of the caller Emily. Told her I was going to ca


Scam scam scam They make people believe they are domestic and general when they are not they double insure people plus if you need a call out they make you pay off the rest of your insurance just for one call out they are a scam company stay away from them as much as you can they are all trained very good and have a answer for every big horrible people


Having looked at various companies offering domestic appliances I chose domestic AssureGuard who appeared to have a variety of customer reviews. They appeared to be a well run and organised company offering the cover I required at a reasonable cost at the


Domestic Assured Guard 02038134869 Rang today and said they were part of the Domestc &General Group. They had all my details and I paid £89 for an Annual Policy This is a scam


Domestic Assure Guard - SCAM - nearly gave over my card details but realized it was a scam thankfully!


I see a lot of bad reviews they are a warranty company I had my appliance replaced in hrs with no fuss.. polite and easy to deal with


020 3813 4869 scam. they are called Dometic Assure. How they got my number I don't know. They said my insurance with Domestic and General was running out and I said I would like it insured. Turns out my insurance with Domestic and Gen is still there and valid and for a month I was double insured. Phoned and got it cancelled straight away. What a cheek.


Great company affordable plans


This company rang my year old Mother in Law and tried to sell her washing machine insurance and claimed it had expired and he could offer her a deal. I rang this company Domestic Assured Guard and they denied they do this Time to report them I think


These scammers conned my mother-in-law today who has dementia! She handed over her card details but luckily she gave the wrong 3 digit code. The bank denied the payment of £199. We cancelled the card. Next I will report these scumbags to Ofcom and Watchdog.


Domestic assure said I had not renewed my policy it turns out I had never had a policy with them where did they get my number a bit fishy when I had had a policy with domestic and general


Absolutely a Con they lead you to believe you are renewing your washer cover tell you amount has gone down ask for bank details and when I said give me the details you have the guy said he cannot see details as xxx out but system will confirm stupidly I gave them the details forward one week letter arrived saying thank you for registering your appliance details was fir free standing washing machine (not a washer dryer ) mine is a washer dryer and I had already renewed with Domestic and General when ringing


Domestic assure guard


The washing machine scam is still active - My 82 year old father, who has cancer and is on Dialysis was called early in the morning when he was barely awake and fell for the "policy has just expired" routine - Paid out £199 on his debit card. The machine is actually covered with D&G and has been for 4 years. I have written to cancel the policy more in hope than expectation, but the volume of scams is now getting out of hand - my father must get 4 or 5 a day try it on, despite a call blocker etc...

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I received a call from this number and a man answered in an African accent saying that my great uncle Prince Mugabe from Nigeria had died and had left me money. I left him my account number and sort code and a few days later £ had been taken out of my acco


Said it was MMRC


36 just called, was asking for access when I hung up. Familiar voice, same gambit prove to your eyes we are m.s. with information only we could have :- Google this: clsid scam. Do not give the phone to your nephew unless you are certain you called the righ




Big delay before answering and then someone with poor English answered purporting to be from talk talk about my router...... goodbye! Had lots of similar numbers lately on 1471 - 3/4 a day.


I wouldnt bother answering to be honest


dont know who it is but is now blocked


Asian caller telling me that my computer was running slow and that he could correct it for me. I had minutes of fun leading him along telling him I was booting up but it took a long time actually I just carried on reading my paper and then hung up on him


This person is dangerous ,I thinkk

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Number called, When I answered. Automated Goodbye after a couple of seconds of silence. obviously all the idiots were busy. Number added to my Spam list so it wont bother me again.


late bill payment line


Multiple calls all hours of day and night- blocked 1st number now realise the last digits changed- 5 versions to date- phone identifies tonga as originator for call.


Constant calls to one of our DDIs, when answered - dead tone


Call went to my answerphone, person spoke in a foreign language!!!!




DWP pension service


Just checked my bill with 02 and found i had been charged £3.75 over a three week period for something that I know nothing about added an extra £11.20 to my monthly bill how do I stop this happening HELP

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Dam I’ve just fell for this what do I do


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