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Phone number: 02036300336

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Phone number security level
Average rating (1-10) 2
Number of comments 20
First date of search 2018-05-15 14:14:34
Last search 2020-07-08 23:14:04
Number of searches 614
Number of reviews 20
Country United Kingdom
Country code +44 (0044)
City London
Directional local 20 (020)
Code 4420 (004420)
Longitude | Latitude 51.5008116 | -0.1208012
City population 8567000
Remarks Warning, this number can be dangerous.

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These people scammed £21.00 out of my 75 year old neighbour . they set up a DD trying to take it every month. Cancelled and reported to bank. Scam company. they are not BT


Do not trust them.


Repeatedly trying to phone my 96 year old Aunt to obtain bank details.


Contacted my 89 year old mother this morning,seemingly having tried on 5 previous times today.Content of the call was same,relating to call barring nuisance calls.Call lasted 25 minutes & after intervention from 'the boss" provided them with details of her bank account number & sort code from her cheque book,but fortunately no debit card details provided.Steps taken this afternoon on advice from telephoning her Bank's fraud service.


Bogus company purporting to be Telephone Preference Management Services (note - this is not the Telephone Preference Service!!!) who called to offer an 'upgrade' to our call barring service which they claimed was about to expire. Absolute twaddle. This is


Repeatedly calling my vulnerable 90 year old father requesting confirmation of bank details. Say they are offering upgrade to to Telephone Preference Mngt Service. They are not. Hang up. This is a scam. Do not give any info


This company calls me repeatedly several times per day. It's usually an Asian sounding voice from a call centre, although different people try their luck. If I inadvertently pick up the phone because they use different numbers, they have very plausible answers to everything. They knew who I banked with, the sort code, the expiry date on my debit card and tried to get me to confirm my account number, at which point I ended the call. I'm a 74 year old widow in the vulnerable category and these people are desp


Had two phonecalls today from someone called Steven Wynn (sounded like he could be phoning from India) asking for my 79 year old dad's bank account number and sort code. I refused and he became quite forceful and aggressive and later phoned me for a second time asking for the details again. He gave this number 02036 300336, I refused ad told him not to ring again and am going to block this number! So angry that these people pray on the elderly and vulnerable!! Be warned!!


Henry Wilson rang 3 Times on 14 June 2018 purporting to be from Telephone Preference Service. Tried to get debit card and current account details. Asked for number to validate he was real. He provided this number and I checked online. He didnt ring back


The scam company behind "Telephone Preference Management" is :- Guaranteed Telecom Ltd, Suite 400, Crown House, North Circular Road, London NW10 7PN Tel No's 0844 412 7722 & 0203 630 0336


my mother received caller who gave this number claiming to be ringing to continue her call barring service. She confirmed her sort code to them but then fortunately got suspicious and refused to confirm or give any other numbers from her debit card. Having put the phone down they rang again this time 'the boss' asking her to confirm numbers again .. she then refused and hung up. No legitimate company would phone asking for card details like this … definite scam.


Told me he was from the TPS. Told me I paid my gas bill service by DD (state the bleeding obvious). Wasn't prepared to tell me where he was phoning from, but had an Indian/Pakistani accent . Asked for his phone number, which he gave me and I hung up. My suspicions where confirmed when i logged onto this site.


Telephone 'preference management' phishing for card details. Blocked.


Since I put reply 5minutes ago they have rung my elderly sister 3more times trying to get BT TO BLOCK THIS NUMBER WARN ANY ELDERLY RELATIVE OR FREIND ITS A SCAM AS SOMEHOW THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE CALLING OLDER PEOPLE


This number has been hassling my friends 89 yr mother asking for her bank details I rang the number and it was an Indian or Pakistan woman answering machine definatly a scam surely something can be done about these scum bags


Called my 86 year old mom, 22.6 .18 they pressurised her and confused her so much, she did give her bank details, saying they were a call barring service, I rang back the number and told them under no circumstances that they take any money, £21.99 so lets see the babk 2mz. Cruel people!


I got a call from the company pretending to be the Telephone preference service. They are very plausible. I was only alerted when they started to ask about my direct debit and wanted to confirm my card details. I refused saying I didn't know why they needed the details and ended the call.


Fake telephone preference company targeting the elderly. Repeatedly called my 77 year old mother, she would hang up the phone and they would call straight back. After 5 times she had to leave the phone off the hook. Again was pretending to be from BT wanting 21.99 a month for call preference line barring nuisance calls


Keeps calling my elderly sister asking for card details ITS A SCAMMER


They rang my 80 year old deaf friend and convinced her they were from BT and that she needed to pay £21.99 to stop nuisance calls. She gave them her debit card number. We've had to cancel the card and get a new one.

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avoid these tricksters


marketing and blank voicemail


I dont answer unsolicited calls


Received a call today from this number, said they were from my internet provider and my line was being hacked. Also, that my line would be disconnected. After asking me to run some diagnostics WC3 and supremo they asked me to logon to my bank. At that point I ended the call.


Identified themselves as from BT said there was a problem with my internet router. Obviously a scam call. Called times so far. Probably dangerous.


silent call no message left


call centre


Claims to be from HMRC offering refunds and is an obvious scam. Avoid!


Called twice already this morning but didn't answer as I didn't know the number. Glad I didn't as I also am not with BT!

Positive ratings


you have to contact them before they will ring you, its capitalone helpline number


Positive number


c gunn computer services ltd preston other computer related activities


grimsby college


a h pails & sons bakers coventry cv5 8dw


neural technologies ltd


Positive number


Private number


Barclaycard Fraud Prevention. Seems perfectly genuine. Only personal info they asked was to confirm month/year of birth (from a choice of four). Wanted to cancel my card and send a new one as a precaution, which I declined.

Annoying ratings


Legal company constantly calling wanting legal assistance with an accident. Wont take no for an answer, denies calling 1 hour before, 2 days ago and 4 times last week. Blocked number


multiple calls on landline and mobile, Very pushy man had the name that I use for e-mails [not my current married name] This number called four times over a two hour period just today and on many other occasions over last few months. how do I stop these nu


Its Pet plan insurance calling to set up policy after 4 weeks free insurance after buying a pet


Not a selling call


Called my mobile rang off before I could answer


Another annoying accident claim call!


Nuisance caller!! Blocked immediately ????


on behalf of Waterloo housing


02459861792 just called saying from talk talk about the usual broadband. Not had any for a few weeks. Looks like they are starting again

Neutral ratings


Same. Poland


telemarketing and pr immediate communications


Tyre Repairs and Retreading New-Matic Assistance Grays


Silent call


mortgage brokers independent solutions mortgage & financial service seaford


16/05 2017 Evening - Called twice, didn't answer. No message.


dentists p e foaks teignmouth


called but left no message


business enterprise agencies business in the arts north west liverpool merseyside

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